‘Black Ink Crew’ Alum Donna Hopes People See Ceaser Emanuel ‘as the Monster You Are’ Following Leaked Video

Tattoo shop owner Ceaser Emanuel has appeared in Black Ink Crew since its premiere in 2013. However, after nine seasons and nearly 10 years, VH1 announced its decision to fire the star from the reality TV series after a video showed him hitting a dog. Alum Donna Lombardi reacted to the clip, noting she hoped fans see her former boss “as the monster you are.”

Donna Lombardi called out Ceaser Emanuel and VH1 after the video of him hitting a dog went viral

When a video made its rounds on Twitter of Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel hitting a dog, it sparked outrage and backlash.

Many fans, including alum Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney, spoke out against the tattoo shop owner and his actions. She reposted the two-minute clip to her Instagram account and claimed his treatment of the dog “shows how sick of a person you truly are.”


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Lombardi said she usually doesn’t get involved with her former boss’s business since her exit but felt compelled to say something because the clip “made me so upset.” She added, “anyone who knows me knows I love animals. Especially dogs.”

The Ohio native went on to call out and tag the official accounts for VH1, Viacom, and Black Ink and accused them of attempting to “protect” the star from other allegations, including his daughter’s claims of abuse and using “fake conflicting storylines” about her former relationship with co-star Alex Robinson to do so. “I pray the people see you, [Emanuel], as the monster you are.” She then called for “charges to be pressed and cancellations.” 

Caesar Emanuel was fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’ after a video showed him hitting a dog

On June 22, 2022, the Twitter account Got City Tea posted a two-minute video that included Emanuel kicking a dog, striking it twice with a folded chair, and putting his pet into a cage before rolling it down a hill.

The clip resulted in his firing from the long-running reality series. His lawyer admitted that it was his client depicted in the video but insisted his actions came from attempting to protect a smaller dog the animal began attacking.

The reality star spoke to TMZ, giving his side of the story, and reiterated that he tried to break up a fight with a couple of his dogs. However, when one began attacking him, Emanuel stated he got “nervous and scared” and attempted to “scare” his pet, not hurt him.

While he no longer owns one of the dogs, having given it to a friend, the tattoo artist noted he has since attended dog school with the other and learned techniques when dealing with a similar incident. Emanuel also admitted he felt he was “set up” due to the leaked footage belonging to a Ring camera located at his house. He later accused an ex-girlfriend of sharing the video out of revenge through his representatives.

Ceaser fired Donna from ‘Black Ink Crew’ in season 9

Donna first joined Black Ink Crew in season 3 (2015) as an apprentice, moving from Ohio to New York to become a tattoo artist.

After studying under Emanuel and his then-girlfriend Dutchess Lattimore, she eventually began tattooing.


During her time in the shop, Donna had several relationships and got into multiple fights, including many blowouts with her former boss, Emanuel.

The two butt heads often, and the shop owner ultimately cut ties with her in season 9, this time permanently, considering her too toxic to keep around after an alleged domestic violence incident with then-fianceé Alex. She has since promised to “clear the air” regarding what she says are “false narratives” on the reality series.

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