‘Black Ink Crew’: Dutchess Reacts to Ceaser Firing; Calls out VH1 for Not Doing It Sooner

VH1 parted ways with reality TV star Ceaser Emanuel following a video showing him hitting his dog. His ex-girlfriend and Black Ink Crew alum Dutchess Lattimore reacted to the situation and called out VH1 for not firing him sooner.

Dutchess Lattimore claims VH1 attempted to silence her Ceaser Emanuel abuse claims

After VH1 announced its decision to part ways with Ceaser Emanuel following a leaked video in June 2022 that showed him hitting his dog, former Black Ink Crew star Dutchess Lattimore went live on Instagram to share her thoughts on the firing.

She claimed that viewers previously called her a “liar, manipulator, and golddigger” when she accused her ex-boyfriend of abuse and attempted to expose “what he did in the shop.”

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The North Carolina-based tattoo artist asked, “when do we start being more responsible with who we support” before adding that VH1, the network that airs Black Ink Crew, previously tried to silence her when she spoke out against Ceaser, the star of the reality show.

According to Dutchess, she received a cease and desist letter from the network after her 2017 appearance on the radio show The Breakfast Club, where she accused the production company of manipulating the final edit. Therefore, the tattoo shop owner claimed she remained “silent.”

She called out VH1 for supporting Ceaser after she accused him of abuse

Dutchess went on to note that the same network who sent her the cease and desist then fired Ceaser “over a dog.” She continued, pointing out that Black women feel “unprotected and disrespected” because VH1 knew about her abuse allegations against her ex but wouldn’t put it on the show, which, she claims, explains why she walked away from the reality show.

While she claims the network didn’t want her to acknowledge it, Dutchess says it allowed Ceaser to spread stories about her, including personal ones she claimed led her into a “dark” period.

The former reality star called out VH1, asking, “damn, a dog is more important than the amount of disrespect y’all have allowed him to portray?” She also brought up the situation with his daughter, in which she accused him of abuse, claiming it “also wasn’t enough.”

Additionally, Dutchess noted those in higher positions should be held “accountable” for seemingly ignoring previous claims of abuse against the star of the series. Finally, the artist said she’s decided to begin speaking about her experience because “the proof is revealing itself.” 

VH1 fired Ceaser following a clip of him hitting a dog

In June 2022, a two-minute clip released on Twitter by Got City Tea depicted Ceaser hitting his dog outside of his house in the driveway.

His lawyer quickly responded and claimed the incident happened after the reality star broke up a fight between his pets inside the home. A day after the clip was published, VH1 announced its decision to fire the New York-based artist on social media following 10 seasons and nearly a decade on the franchise.

Following the announcement, Ceaser spoke to TMZ about the incident and reiterated that he attempted to stop the dog from harming other pets in the house. He admitted he handled the situation poorly and claimed he has since attended dog school to learn techniques if it happened again.

The reality star and his camp later accused an ex-girlfriend of leaking the footage for revenge. Another former Black Ink Crew star, Donna Marie Lombardi, also spoke out against his actions. She reposted the video on her Instagram and called for “charges to be pressed and cancellations to be made.”

How to get help: In the U.S., call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or text START to 88788.

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