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The love lives of Black Ink Crew’s New York cast members aren’t off limits on the show, but up until recently, Walt’s hasn’t really been in the spotlight. In the current lineup of episodes, the team’s favorite resident comedian is getting ready to tie the knot with the love of his life.

Fans are rooting for Walt and Jess, but Tati’s behavior is drawing the ire of viewers who aren’t here for her shenanigans.

Tati of 'Black Ink Crew'
Tati of ‘Black Ink Crew’ | VH1 via Twitter

Tati may ruin Walt’s big day

Currently on Black Ink, the crew is in Hawaii for Jess and Walt’s destination wedding. With a day or two to spare, they have time to hang out, and Tati took advantage of that free time to share a secret with Donna and Bae. She said that Walt slid into her DMs to ask her to hook up with him.

According to her, it happened months before and she quickly shut it down. Now, Tati is tempted to tell Jess, but Donna advised her to keep it to herself. Yes, Donna. She told her friend she should have spoken up when it first happened because saying something now will make her look messy.

Fans blast Tati on social media

We know these episodes were filmed in advance, but that didn’t stop fans from slamming Tati online. On Twitter, people are calling her “messy,” “jealous,” and “bitter,” and questioning her motives for bringing it up right before the wedding. Many fans are accusing Tati of lying.

One commented, “I think Tatti is lying. Tell her to show the messages. Not one time has Donna or Bae ask to see the message. They are just believing what’s coming out this squirrel’s mouth.”

Another agreed with Donna and wrote, “Tati is super messy, why is she always involved in other people’s relationships! And always telling stuff after the fact? I agree with Donna on this – she should of said something before – no keep it to yourself!”

Fans want Walt and Jess to have a lovely, peaceful wedding without any drama.

What do Jess and Walt think of Tati?

Some fans headed over to Jess’ social media account to send her encouraging words and to drag Tati. She received it well and retweeted a few comments that threw shade at the Black Ink receptionist. In fact, she fired her own shots by calling Tati dry and desperate. Ouch.

In another tweet, Jess praised Walt and said they’re “good.” It looks like whatever Tati was trying to accomplish on TV didn’t work off-camera. Unfortunately, people are also flooding Tati’s Instagram account with mean comments. She’s not responding to the controversy.

The season finale of Black Ink Crew: New York airs on April 29, and the preview shows Tati attempting to tell Jess about Walt. Fans now wonder if Tati will take steps to tell Alex details about her and Donna’s rendezvous since he plans on popping the question.

Many believe she wants to sabotage their relationship too. Tune in for the final episode – and the wedding – on April 29 at 8 p.m. EST.