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Tattoo artists and partners Melody Mitchell and Lalo Yunda joined Black Ink Crew during season 4 when Ceaser Emanuel hired her. She eventually became a manager and seemed to do well until she relocated back to Florida following a breakup with Lalo. Although they reunited on the show, the couple has yet to return for another season. Are they still together?

Black Ink tattoo studio, home of VH1's television show 'Black Ink Crew' in Harlem, New York
Black Ink tattoo studio, home of VH1’s television show ‘Black Ink Crew’ in Harlem, New York | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Melody Mitchell and Lalo Yunda joined ‘Black Ink Crew’ during season 4

During season four (2016), shop owner Ceaser Emanuel hired Florida-based tattoo artist Melody Mitchell, who a few staff members initially mistook for Dutchess Lattimore.

However, she wasn’t completely welcomed into the shop and almost immediately got into arguments, leading to her quick exit. Melody returned for the following season and opened up about her life outside of Black Ink.

She dated two-time Ink Master contestant Lalo Yunda who operated his own tattoo shop. Melody noted they don’t work together due to creative differences.

During the fifth season, the two got into an argument as she wanted him to commit to her. However, he didn’t want to marry, upsetting her.

They took a blood oath commitment

Instead, the couple privately shared a blood oath by a waterfall in Puerto Rico during a cast trip where they initially planned to attend a convention.

However, Ted messed up the paperwork, leading Melody to take more charge in the shop and assert herself as manager, even though she recently joined the crew.

Nonetheless, Caesar agreed. In season 6, she welcomed their first child. But, the couple realized Melody owed thousands of dollars to the IRS. Therefore, Lalo downsized by moving the family into a camper van and renting out their apartment so they could save up enough money to pay the government back.

However, Melody began having a hard time sharing the small space and left again after feeling disrespected by her new hire, Alex the V Slayer. She later returned once the crew showed they appreciated her and wanted her back.

Are Melody and Lalo still together?

Viewers last saw Melody during season seven when she unsuccessfully attempted to connect with her father’s estranged family. Additionally, her relationship with Lalo got rocky as he felt she became too infiltrated in Black Ink and lost focus on their plans to build something together.

Therefore, he broke up with her, and she went back to Florida to spend time with her family. Melody later returned, and the couple reunited. However, they never came back for season eight with no mention of their absence.


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Following their time on the show, Melody appeared on MTV’s How Far is Tattoo Far as an artist. She also seemingly keeps in touch with other Black Ink Crew stars as she recently hung out with Young Bae in Jun. 2021.

Although Melody and Lalo mainly post pictures of their work on their social media, they occasionally upload photos and videos to their Instagram Stories with each other. Therefore, the couple is likely still together. Black Ink Crew airs on Vh1.