‘Black Ink Crew’: Miss Kitty Reveals Why She Dropped Lawsuit Against Ceaser Emanuel

Black Ink Crew alum and reality TV star Miss Kitty planned to sue Ceaser Emanuel when he fired her following accusations of sleeping with his friend, Ryan Henry, before dropping the lawsuit. She recently revealed why.

Miss Kitty reveals why she dropped the lawsuit against Ceaser Emanuel

In 2017, Karis “Miss Kitty” Phillips joined the cast of Black Ink Crew for season 5 as the brand ambassador. She got into a relationship with shop owner Ceaser Emanuel which lasted for several years.

Following their breakup, alum JaKeita “Sky” Days claimed that Miss Kitty hooked up with his good friend Ryan Henry of Black Ink Crew: Chicago fame.

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Even though she denied it, Caesar fired her from the shop in retaliation. As a result, Miss Kitty threatened to sue her ex and former boss for wrongful termination. She has since become a cast member of Chicago. However, she recently revealed what happened with the lawsuit.

In a June 2022 Instagram Live, the reality star explained she attempted to go through with the case and claimed that her lawyer assured her they would win. However, “it was a lot to go through.” Therefore, she said she decided to drop the suit and move on from the situation, leaving it to “karma.”

Miss Kitty also reacted to the news of Ceaser getting fired

The former brand ambassador also acknowledged Ceaser’s firing from the franchise due to a viral video depicting him hitting a dog.

She began by claiming she was unsure of the future of any of the shows following his exit. When a fan asked her opinion on the situation, Miss Kitty answered she wanted to keep her comments to herself as she pointed out she’s previously spoken out about Ceaser.

However, she usually gets responses from fans bringing up the accusations of her sleeping with Ryan. “What does that have to do with anything?” She questioned. Another viewer encouraged her not to get involved. Still, Miss Kitty wondered why the cast members couldn’t give their opinion as people who know Ceaser meanwhile those on the internet consistently share their thoughts.

Someone else asked if she feels bad about his firing because his show gave her an initial platform, and Miss Kitty insisted she doesn’t “owe anyone s***.” Referencing a comment she made in season 8, episode 14, the reality star feels destined to become successful, regardless of who put her on first.

Ceaser has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty

In June 2022, a clip that included Ceaser hitting a dog went viral on Twitter, resulting in backlash. His team responded quickly to the situation, insisting that he acted in the protection of a smaller animal that the dog attacked.

However, the following day, VH1 released a statement announcing their decision to part ways with the tattoo artist after nearly 10 years. Ceaser has opened up about the situation in TMZ interviews, where he claimed he has since given away one of the pets and went to dog school with the other to learn proper techniques.

Additionally, he accused an ex-girlfriend of leaking the video out of revenge. Although Ceaser didn’t name who he suspects, it’s believed he’s referring to Suzette Samuel as the pair were dating during the time frame and shared the Atlanta home where the situation occurred.

A few weeks after the video’s release, People reported that Ceaser was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and one count of aggravated cruelty to animals. Black Ink Crew airs on VH1.

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