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[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 17.]

During reality TV show Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 17, Alex teaches the crew about equanimity and sets up the “deadass garden” for them. On the other hand, Suzette and Ceaser seemingly break up after her surgery.

Ceaser Emanuel and Suzette Samuel posing together at the "It Was All A Dream" Black Ink Gallery And Silent Auction
‘Black Ink Crew’ stars Ceaser Emanuel and Suzette Samuel | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

What is equanimity?

Equanimity, Latin for “having an even mind,” is a state of mental calmness that isn’t interrupted by an upsetting situation. In psychology, it’s defined as maintaining a neutral and balanced state toward all experiences, no matter how unpleasant.

One can reach equanimity through practices including yoga, prayer, and meditation. Many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, highlight the importance of a calm mental state.

Alex taught the crew about equanimity during ‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 9 Episode 17

During Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 17, Alex “The V Slayer” Robinson revealed he had a hard time without fianceé Donna Lombardi in the shop, considering her his “voice.”

Additionally, he pointed out that practicing equanimity helped him through challenging situations as the episode flashed back to his alleged domestic violence incident with Donna.

Therefore, as a way of connecting with the other employees and teaching them about the practice as he believes it will eliminate conflicts in the shop, Alex created a calm space at work.

The tattoo artist enlisted Syder’s help to pick out plants for the area, noting they increase productivity by 15% and help with their mental state. They transformed the space into the “Deadass Garden,” where the artists can take a break when feeling stressed.

‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 9 Episode 17 also included Ceaser and Suzette breaking up

Ceaser discovered his press conference violated a court command, ultimately resulting in a more permanent restraining order against his teenage daughter, Cheyenne. Feeling unsupported by his girlfriend Suzette, the two met for dinner, where he seemingly planned on telling her how he felt. However, she told him she had to have an invasive surgery in Columbia to correct illegal butt implants she had done in 2014.

An MRI later revealed silicone in her bloodstream, and Suzette wanted her boyfriend to help care for her due to the serious complications she could have. Ceaser agreed to care for her in Columbia but returned after two weeks. He claimed their relationship worsened during his stay as she felt unsupported and wanted to “fast” from everything she considered “negative,” including Ceaser.


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Therefore, he sent his assistant Breezy to Columbia to care for Suzette and quietly moved his things out of their shared home, only leaving a note behind. Later, the two talked, and she called him selfish for not supporting her. He brought up her not checking on him after the court date, but she insisted she did ask him about it. In a confessional, the realtor admitted she didn’t think Ceaser supported her the same way she does and believes he didn’t show up when she needed him the most.

Ceaser and Suzette began arguing as he pointed out how much he financially provided while she focused on wanting emotional support, not money. Unable to see eye to eye, he eventually walked out, agreeing to leave her alone. In the preview for upcoming episodes, it doesn’t seem as though the two get back together as he notes he’s focused on his shops. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays at 8/7 on VH1.