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Star of reality TV series Black Ink CrewCeaser Emanuel, is estranged from his teenage daughter, Cheyenne after she accused him of abuse. He recently gave an update regarding the sensitive situation.

Ceaser Emanuel standing next to his lawyer, Walter Mosley
‘Black Ink Crew’ star Ceaser Emanuel and lawyer Walter Mosley | Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

What happened with Ceasar from ‘Black Ink Crew’ and his daughter?

Ceaser Emanuel’s only child, teenage daughter Cheyenne, accused him of pulling her out of the shower while naked and beating her “like a dog in the street” in a January 2021 Instagram Live.

She claimed her father drunkenly broke several doors and threw a speaker at her head, resulting in police intervention. Ceaser publicly responded to her allegations during Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 5 (aired May 18, 2021) with his side of the story, claiming his daughter lived with him and Suzette during the global lockdown.

However, after Cheyenne returned following a visit to see her mother, Ceaser believes his daughter’s behavior changed. The tattoo shop owner claims the fight started when the teenager refused to watch the dishes and cussed at him, causing him to take her speaker.

According to him, she then called the police, but nothing happened until she returned to New York a couple of months later and made the allegations. Ceaser insisted he never hit his daughter and doesn’t understand why she would accuse him of doing so.

Ceasar gave another update regarding the situation with Cheyenne

When Black Ink Crew returned from hiatus in February 2022, the shop owner held a press conference to tell his story as he decided to sue Cheyenne’s mother, Crystal Torres, for defamation of character.

With his mother and Suzette by his side, the tattoo artist denied the allegations and claimed his ex, not the police, got Child Protective Services involved. Additionally, he said he went through an “intense investigation” that cleared him.

Finally, Ceaser explained he is moving forward with the lawsuit, deeming it the “only way to stop” as the claims are “damaging” to him, his business, and employees. A couple of episodes later, Caesar revealed the press conference violated a restraining order as it reportedly resulted in Crystal getting bullied online.

The shop owner claimed no evidence of child abuse exists but said the courts held him in contempt due to the conference. To avoid jail time, the Black Ink owner said he agreed to a permanent restraining order until Crystal asks to lift it. Therefore, he can’t contact his daughter or send a message on his behalf, meaning his cousin Teddy Ruks can’t communicate with her either. 

How old is Ceaser’s daughter, Cheyenne, now?

Ceaser’s daughter, Cheyenne, is currently 17 years old. Following her accusations against her father, Suzette blasted the teenager online.

The realtor called Cheyenne names and claimed she and her mother only wanted a storyline on the show. Ted didn’t appreciate Suzette’s actions and encouraged Ceaser to dump his girlfriend over how she “violated” Cheyenne.


‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 9 Episode 5: Ceaser Emanuel Addresses Public Feud With Daughter

At the time, the tattoo artist admitted she went too far but pointed out his teenage daughter also crossed the line. He had a conversation with Suzette, and the two took a quick break, but they have since gotten back together.

After the court date, in which Ceaser agreed to the permanent restraining order, he spoke to Ted about it, admitting he felt like he lost his family. He also implied that Suzette wasn’t there for him as he wanted after discovering the news. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays on VH1.