‘Black Lightning’: Is Agent Odell Up To No Good?

In the latest episode of Black Lightning, Agent Odell seemed to be up to something. The agent was first introduced in season 2, and has been somewhat suspicious ever since. He’s not exactly friendly, and many characters are left wondering where they stand with him. You can’t seem to trust him.

Now that Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning and Lynn Stewart, his ex-wife, are in Odell’s custody, many fans are likely wondering if the man is the best person to be watching over the Pierces. He was spying on them last season, after all. And that doesn’t exactly lead to trust for many fans.

How was Agent Odell introduced?

Bill Duke (Agent Odell) of Black Lightning
Bill Duke (Agent Odell) of Black Lightning | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for Netflix

Agent Odell was first introduced to the audience when he interviewed Lynn Stewart about how she found the pods with the metahuman children in them. She told him that she got an anonymous tip and followed it to the location of the pods. She supposedly got this anonymous tip because of her research on Green Light. Odell, however, did not believe her and as a result, he revoked her access to the pods.

Lynn then uses Gambi’s influence to regain access to the pods. Odell, of course, is not happy with this. This is not exactly a good start to the relationship between Odell and the Pierce family or Odell and the fans. He seems to be a shady character who must be up to something sinister.

Odell only gets more suspicious as time goes on, asking Lynn to work with a kid named Issa Williams, a metahuman whose power seems to force others to tell the truth. He treats the young boy with nothing but suspicion and Lynn is shocked that he is being treated so badly. She eventually determines that the meta-gene might eventually kill Issa and offers to put him in a pod, which Issa refuses. Issa decides to leave the ASA and Lynn lets him go, which Odell questions her about.

What is Odell up to now?

Besides creepily interrupting Jefferson and Lynn, he seems to be up to no good. In the season 3 premiere, he asks Issa, who he again has in ASA custody, to interrogate Tobias about the ASA’s briefcase. Issa uses his power to get the truth out of Tobias, under Agent Odell’s direction. Tobias tells Issa that Proctor was not a rogue agent and that Odell is in Freeland for sinister reasons.

Tobias says that Odell means to turn all the metahumans into weapons and that Odell’s actions can be traced back to orders from a higher government official: the President of the United States. Odell, of course, can’t have the truth getting out. So he kills Issa by poisoning his food. Unbeknownst to Odell, Jefferson’s power to see through solid structures has increased and he saw Issa and Tobias talking and told Lynn.

Lynn then questions Odell about Issa and Odell blames his death on the Markovians. He also says that she and Jefferson are in good hands: his. Creepy, right?

What will Agent Odell do next on ‘Black Lightning’?

It’s anyone’s guess. And we’ll all have to watch the next episode to find out what’s next for the shady agent. Though we can make some guesses. Perhaps there will not be any Markovians attacking.

Or maybe the Markovians will be innocent and Agent Odell will be the bad guy. You never know. It’s a definite possibility at least. Luckily, Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning will be around to save the day.