‘Black Lightning’: Grace Choi Returns and Fans Go Wild

Black Lightning has many very interesting characters. From Jefferson Pierce — also known as Black Lightning — himself to Anissa Pierce (Thunder) and Jennifer Pierce (Lightning), all of the characters are exciting. So you might not expect fans to go wild over a secondary character.

Perhaps it’s fans of the character from the comics. Or maybe it’s down to Chantal Thuy’s wonderful acting as Grace. Whatever the case may be, fans seem to love Grace Choi.

Who is Grace Choi from ‘Black Lightning’?

Chantal Thuy (Grace Choi) and Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce) of Black Lightning
Chantal Thuy (Grace Choi) and Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce) from Black Lightning | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Grace was introduced to Black Lightning fans when Anissa met her at a library. Grace suggested that Anissa read her favorite comic book, called The Outsiders. This may have been a reference to the DC comics, in which Grace — and Anissa herself — is a member of a group called the Outsiders. After they got talking, Grace invited Anissa to a cosplay party at the bar she worked at.

Anissa went and was dancing with Grace when her then-girlfriend Chenoa interrupted them. She was understandably upset to see her girlfriend dancing with someone else and the couple ended up breaking up. Another time, Grace and Anissa were leaving the bar where Grace worked when Grace was attacked by some angry people. Anissa knocked the attackers out and tended to Grace’s wound.

How did Anissa and Grace’s relationship progress?

A few weeks after the attack, Anissa called Grace to ask her out on a date. The two of them then met up at musician Zoe B’s party where Anissa was a guest and Grace was working. However, Grace saw Anissa and Zoe kissing and walked away, upset. Anissa apologized to Grace for not calling her, saying that she’d been busy.

Grace replied that she could see that and then left. Later on, Anissa went to the bar where Grace worked, wanting to talk. She told Grace that she wants to be in a serious relationship with her. After Peter Gambi’s supposed death, Anissa goes to Grace’s apartment and the two end up sleeping together.

They try to make a relationship work, but things get complicated. Especially since Grace has powers that she isn’t telling Anissa about. After Grace goes missing, Anissa looks for her. She eventually comes to the conclusion that Grace is a shapeshifter.

In Black Lightning season 3 episode 3, Grace comes back, saying that she missed Anissa. The two of them hug and Grace goes home with Anissa.

What were fan reactions to Grace’s return?

Fans seemed glad to see Grace again. Though she is only a secondary character, she seems to come first in many people’s hearts. According to one fan on Twitter, they have “waited months for Grace Choi to hit [their] screen again and after that scene, all [they] want to do is protect and love Grace.” How sweet!

The fan goes on to say that Grace “deserves the world and [they’re] soooo happy Anissa told her to stop running and went all-in with her!” Seems like fans enjoy the relationship between Anissa and Grace. It makes sense since both characters are interesting and together could really be unstoppable. Another fan remarked on how sweet the last scene between Anissa and Grace in Black Lightning season 3 episode 3 was.

This fan said that the scene “just warms [their] heart” and that Grace should “stop running away” because Anissa will take care of her. We have to agree that the scene was heartwarming. Here’s hoping that Grace will stop running and that she and Anissa will be able to make things work. Fans are certainly rooting for the two of them.