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In Black Lightning, we heard of the threat of Markovia from Agent Odell. Yet, as we’ve mentioned before, he’s definitely up to something. So that makes us wonder: are the people of Markovia really evil?

They’re supposed to be creating metahumans and because of that see the metahumans in Freeland as a threat. But is that the whole truth? Could it be that the people of Markovia are not the true threat that the show’s titular hero is facing in season 3?

Cress Williams and Christine Adams promoting Black Lightning at Comic Con 201
Cress Williams and Christine Adams promoting Black Lightning at Comic Con 2018 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

How were the Markovians introduced in ‘Black Lightning’?

The mysterious country and its citizens were mentioned throughout season 2 of Black Lightning. First, the country and its royal family were mentioned in a news report within the show. Then we found out that Dr. Jace had done experiments on Markovians, including the son of the King, to help them create metahumans. Next, Markovian agents attack Lynn Stewart, Jefferson Pierce’s ex-wife and mother of his two children.

This all leads up to Agent Odell enlisting Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning in the war with Markovia at the end of season 2. He states that Freeland is “ground zero” for the upcoming war and that therefore he will need their help. Yet can the agent be trusted?

What could the Markovians be up to?

During season 2, they definitely did some sinister things. Including attacking Lynn and sending a metahuman to get Dr. Jace back for them. Yet it’s possible that they are not the big evil they seem to be.

They could indeed be building up a metahuman army but they might need it for some other reason besides fighting the citizens of Freeland. Perhaps they are dealing with another, bigger threat. That threat could be anything from a country with its own metahuman army to something supernatural.

Who’s the real evil?

Yes, it’s possible that the Markovians are entirely innocent. Or not. They do have someone named Gravedigger in their ranks, after all. Yet it’s important to question what’s going on because by doing so you might just figure out the mystery of the season.

But if the Markovians aren’t evil, then who is? Someone has to be the main antagonist of the show. And with Tobias locked up, who could it be? Perhaps it’s Agent Odell, or the ASA in general.

The organization has been somewhat shady from the beginning. Peter Gambi left them for a reason, after all. And while he still has contacts in the organization, perhaps they’re the good ones. Agent Odell certainly seems somewhat suspicious in any case.

We’re not claiming to entirely know the answers when it comes to Black Lightning, yet it’s worth it to ask the questions. Markovia may be a country full of evil, sinister people. Yet they might not be, and instead, Agent Odell and the ASA might be up to something. Or perhaps both are evil.

We hope it’s not the last one as poor Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning, would get caught in the middle of Markovia and the ASA. And so would his daughters Anissa, also known as Thunder, and Jennifer, also known as Lightning. It would be so much simpler if there was only Tobias to fight. Unfortunately, it seems that there are bigger threats out there.