‘Black Lightning’: [Spolier] Seems to be Recast in Jaw-Dropping Scene

Black Lightning fans were in for a shock (no pun intended) this week as one it seems as if one of The CW television series‘ principal characters has been recast.

Christine Adams, Cress Williams and James Remar on 'Black Lightning'
Christine Adams, Cress Williams and James Remar on ‘Black Lightning’ | Bob Mahoney/The CW

‘Black Lightning’ is ending after its third season

Last year, it was revealed that the fourth season of Black Lightning would be the DC Comics drama’s final season. The story is able to wrap up all of its existnig story arcs before leaving the airwaves.

“When we first started the Black Lighting journey, I knew that Jefferson Pierce and his family of powerful Black Women would be a unique addition to the superhero genre,” said Salim Akil, the show’s helmer, in a press statement at the time. “The love that Blerds and all comic book fans around the globe have shown this series over the past three seasons proved what we imagined, Black People Want To See Themselves in all their complexities. Thank you to the phenomenal cast, writers and crew without whom none of this would’ve been possible. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve been able to do and the moments we’ve been able to create in bringing DC’s first African-American family of superheroes to life for the culture.

Even though Black Lightning is ending the show has a spinoff series starring Jordan CallowayPainkiller, in the works.

China Anne McClain was going to leave ‘Black Lightning’ even if the show wasn’t ending

Series star China Anne McClain revealed a bombshell after it was revealed the show was ending. According to McClain, she decided that she was going to leave the show even before it was announced that the show wouldn’t return after its fourth season.

She told fans in an Instagram video, “There’s been a lot to happen over this quarantine, and I’m not talking about the PC side of it. These people that are dying and the way of the world now. It’s real. And all this is an illusion. This industry for what it is and everything that people look to and praise, it’s not important.” McClain added that she would be “doing God’s work now, and I’m not doing anything else.”

The actress made it clear that her decision didn’t have anything to do with the leadership at the show, network or studio. “I’m not leaving because I had a terrible time working at the CW,” she explained. “I like the CW. I like [CW president] Mark Pedowitz, I like [Warner Bros. president] Peter Roth, [executive producer] Greg Berlanti, I love [Black Lightning showrunner] Salim [Akil], I always will. He gets it. And people that actually know me… they know why I make the decisions that I make.”

Jennifer Pierce has seemingly been recast on ‘Black Lightning’

On Monday’s episode of the show, it looks like due to McClain being in fewer episodes this season, the series has opted to recast her character, Jennifer.

The character exploded and was put back together. However, when she was put back together and revealed, the characters were shocked that while she was Jennifer, she has a new face. The show has not made an official announcement, so it is unknown if the previous episode was McClain’s last appearance or if her version of Jennifer will come back at any point before. the show wraps up.

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Nafessa Williams welcomed the new actress who is playing Jennifer, Laura Kariuki, on Instagram.

Williiams wrote, “I need y’all to welcome the sweet, beautiful and talented @laura.kariuki to the @cw_blacklightning family. Her first episode is airing tonight. Show her some looooove! #blacklightning.”