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Fans might know Rosé as BLACKPINK’s main vocalist. She is a talented singer who has been entertaining fans since BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016.

However, before gaining popularity in K-pop, Rosé was a normal girl with a life that not many people know about. She has shared a few funny stories from her past, including one about her first time at preschool.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Where did BLACKPINK’s Rosé grow up?

While many K-pop idols were born and raised in South Korea, Rosé spent much of her childhood abroad.

She was born Roseanne Park in Auckland, New Zealand. When she was a kid, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia.

Rosé’s parents are immigrants from South Korea, so Rosé has Korean background.

Rosé pretended to speak English when she first started preschool

Rosé’s family—which includes her parents and older sister—speaks Korean at home, so before she started school, Korean was the main language she used to communicate. In a live stream from February 2021, Rosé revealed that Korean is technically her first language.

“All of my family members are Korean, so we speak Korean at home,” she said. “That’s how I learned Korean first.”

When she started preschool, she went to an English-speaking one. Rosé revealed that, despite not having learned English at home, she was able to speak English to her preschool classmates. She shared, “My mom was amazed and thought I spoke English perfectly. ‘She has never learned it. How could she be so fluent?’”

However, it turned out that Rosé did not actually know English at that point, though she had an interesting way of faking it.

“When [my mom] came closer, she found that I was just acting,” Rosé said. “I wasn’t speaking English. It was more like baby talk. I saw people speaking English, in a different language from mine, and I just copied their pronunciations. But it didn’t mean anything.”

Like many kids from immigrant family, Rosé quickly picked up English at school and later became fluent.

Rosé can now speak Korean and English fluently


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Because Rosé used English daily in school and with friends, she became more fluent at it than Korean. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, when she came to South Korea as a teenager for K-pop idol training, she had to take lessons in the Korean language.

“I’m doing my best to write well in Korean, without grammar mistakes,” she shared in the live stream. “I’m learning and fixing my mistakes.”

In any case, Rosé finds it comfortable to speak in both English and Korean. Fans can see this when BLACKPINK does interviews with both international and Korean news outlets.

Additionally, Rosé also helps members like Lisa and Jisoo learn more English words, especially because BLACKPINK is getting a lot of attention from Western media.