‘Blade Runner’ Almost Had a Ridiculous Title

There were many iconic movies released during the ’80s, but few were as critically acclaimed and interesting as Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. The film, which starred Harrison Ford and featured a rich, innovative soundtrack, was set in a dystopian future that seemed completely far-fetched to audiences at that time.

These days, while many elements of Blade Runner’s story didn’t truly come to pass, viewers still look to the movie as an example of what can go right when a director marches to the beat of his own drum. Still, it is likely that if the film was released under its original name, it probably wouldn’t have achieved the iconic status that it enjoys today. 

‘Blade Runner’ didn’t do well in real-time

'Blade runner' Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) enters Sebastian's apartment, where he is soon to be attacked by the replicant Pris (Daryl Hannah, immediately behind Deckard's gun), in a scene from Ridley Scott's futuristic thriller 'Blade Runner', 1982.
Harrison Ford in ‘Blade Runner.’ | Warner Bros./Archive Photos/Getty Images

Blade Runner was released in 1982 and was loosely based on a science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick. The film, which is set in the dystopian future of 2019, follows the exploits of a burnt-out police officer named Rick Deckard, who is enlisted to track down a group of fugitive synthetic humans who escape to Earth. Violent and visually complex, Blade Runner was unlike anything else that had been released by Hollywood at that time.

Harrison Ford, who was fresh from the success of the Star Wars films, was praised for his work as the laconic, tough-as-nails Rick Deckard — but Blade Runner ultimately didn’t do well at the box office when it was initially released. Rather, it became a cult classic in the years after it was released, with many fans as well as critics praising it as one of the greatest science fiction films ever released.

Many called out the creative visuals and insightful writing, as well as the complex world-building. Certainly, the legacy that Blade Runner has created is unlike anything else in the entertainment industry. 

What title did ‘Blade Runner’ almost have?

Blade Runner is one of Hollywood’s most innovative movies — but it is quite possible that if it had been released under the original working title, it could have fallen by the wayside. According to Stacker.com, the movie was originally set to be called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which is the title of the 1968 Philip K. Dick novel that the film is based on. The eccentric title might be memorable, but it definitely doesn’t have the same ring as the title that the film ended up with.

‘Blade Runner’ has spawned a rich legacy


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Not only has Blade Runner indirectly influenced many movies, video games, and novels over the years, but it also led to a sequel film, which was released in 2017. The sequel film, titled Blade Runner 2049, starred Ryan Gosling as well as Ford, reprising the role that he made famous so many years ago.

While the sequel didn’t quite reach the same level of critical acclaim that the original did, it was still popular with fans — and some showrunners have already discussed the possibility of a third film in the franchise.

Even Ryan Gosling has expressed interest in possibly returning for another installment in the Blade Runner story. To date, there have been no set announcements from showrunners, but with the rabid interest that the Blade Runner fandom has for the franchise, it could just be a matter of time. Whether or not there does end up being another movie, it seems clear that the original Blade Runner movie is one that will live on forever in film history.