Blake Shelton Calls This Truck ‘The Most Badass’

Outside of his career, Blake Shelton has a passion for trucks. The 43-year-old has made this interest of his well-known to fans many times before. In fact, for anybody who would like to know which truck out there is extremely cool, Shelton has one that he believes is “the most badass.”

Shelton is one of country music’s biggest stars who has been churning out hit songs since the early 2000’s. Some of his most famous singles include “Austin,” “Hillbilly Bone,” “God Gave Me You,” “Sangria,” and “God’s Country.” These days, Shelton is also a long-time coach on The Voice, where he can be seen mentoring and sharing his wisdom with rising talents.

Blake Shelton performs onstage
Blake Shelton | Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Musicians On Call

Blake Shelton really loves trucks

It’s not clear where Shelton’s love for trucks came from. However, he did grow up in a small town in Oklahoma with a father who was a car salesman, so perhaps it was inevitable that he would inherit an interest for vehicles, especially big ones.

He once shared that his first car was a GMC stepside pickup truck.

Early on in Shelton’s career — before he was a famous singer who could land endorsement deals with big brands — he humbly appeared in a commercial for a Ford dealer in Texas, where he posed in front of a black pickup truck.

Last year, Shelton made many fans laugh when he tried to teach Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston, how to drive a truck. Shelton seemed like he wanted to teach the young boy about a country way of living, though the truck unfortunately got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out.

Blake Shelton thinks the Nissan Frontier is ‘the most badass’ truck

There are many brands of trucks out there, and when it comes to one that has earned Shelton’s respect, it has to be the Nissan Frontier.

In 2015, Shelton took to Twitter to share with followers a picture of his truck. He captioned the post: “I don’t normally freak out over vehicles but….. @Nissan this THE most badass truck I’ve ever had!!! It’s a frontier!”

A number of fans gave Shelton a hard time for not promoting an American brand like Chevrolet or Ford, though the truth is that Nissan manufactures its trucks mostly in the U.S. despite being an international company, so it is not surprising that Shelton was on board to give shout-outs to the Frontier.

Blake Shelton and Nissan have a partnership together

Nissan and Shelton actually have a good relationship together. In 2017, the company decided to sponsor Shelton’s “Doing It To Country Songs” tour in order to promote the Nissan TITAN and TITAN XD pickup trucks.

Jeremy Tucker, an executive at Nissan, noted that the TITAN and TITAN XD are trucks that country music fans could love:

“Nissan and our American TITAN naturally go well with country music. Our North American headquarters… are here in Music City, where the Tennessee Titans play in Nissan Stadium and legions of fans visit ‘the Mother Church of Country Music,’ the Nissan-sponsored Ryman Auditorium. Blake Shelton is an incredible artist, performer and partner and we are extremely proud to add him to our Nissan family.”

What other vehicles does Blake Shelton own?

It’s clear that Shelton loves cars, but unlike other celebrities who are eager to show off the fleet in their garage, Shelton has not shared much about the cars that he owns.

He has been spotted a few times in a Cadillac Escalade, so it seems that this is one of the cars that Shelton really likes.

Additionally, he has a shiny red pickup truck that Adam Levine once dumped manure on.