Blake Shelton Once Revealed His Ridiculously Disgusting Hair Care Routine

Blake Shelton is a country singer with 14 number one hits such as “Some Beach,” “The Baby,” and “God’s Country.”

For those that are not fans of country music, he may be better known for his role as one of the judges on The Voice. He has been on the show since it first began in 2011 and now gets to work alongside his girlfriend, singer Gwen Stefani.

Though he has a short hairstyle now, at the start of his career he was known for his long curly locks. And one comment about how he cared for his hair has haunted him ever since.

How did Blake Shelton take care of his long hair?

In 2003, after the success of his single “The Baby,” Shelton had an interview with Country Music Television (CMT). When asked why he had long hair he said it was something he grew up with.

“I choose to keep my hair long because it has been long since I was 12 years old,” Shelton said. “It doesn’t matter to me what other people do with their hair, and I do not think they are interested in how I wear my hair. Basically, it has gotten to the point where it is just a matter of pride. And I know it looks like crap, but it is just more fun to me to irritate people than cut my hair to satisfy them.”

This conviction only lasted another few years or so and then he was sporting a new short hairstyle in 2007. It wasn’t his comments about why he had long hair that caught the attention of fans, however, but how he cared for it.

He explained: “You know, I am raising chickens now, and I have started going out to the barn, or when I am out on the road, I will go buy some eggs, and I use an egg mixture with ketchup, believe it or not. I will soak my hair in that once a week for about an hour.”

The interviewer didn’t probe further into the topic and instead asked Shelton what his biggest pet peeve was. Shelton’s answer: “Questions about my hair!”

Blake Shelton became the sexiest man alive

Despite Shelton’s disgusting hair care routine, he still has a certain appeal to many. In 2017, he was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” a title that surprised him, and riled up the masses.

After the magazine came out he said in an interview on Ellen DeGeneres: “I have been fat and ugly my whole life. And if only for one year I get to be sexy, I’m going to milk this for everything that it’s worth.”

The responses on Twitter were as hilarious as they were brutal with one user tweeting, “STOP HATERS! Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive! Also, my favorite meal is a room temp bologna sandwich with a cup of piping hot fruit punch.”

Many others had fun compiling lists of men sexier than Shelton, placing him down the list in about the 600 range. Shelton was unphased, sharing the magazine cover with the caption: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Does Blake Shelton still use eggs and ketchup on his hair today?

Blake Shelton arrives at NBC's "The Voice" Season 7.
Blake Shelton | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Although the interview took place in 2003, and Shelton’s hair care routine doesn’t seem to have been brought up since. He just can’t shake the quote.

Every once in awhile it will resurface, prompting fans to tweet questions such as,  “@blakeshelton do you actually use an egg-ketchup mixture on your hair once a week? If so, that’s kinda weird, dude…”

One fan tweeted in 2018: “My dad and I are listening to music choice and it said something about Blake Shelton putting a mixture of eggs and ketchup in his hair once a week and then the next one was how him and Miranda broke up and this dude goes “it’s all her fault, she wouldn’t give him anymore eggs.”

Perhaps we will never know if he still bathes his now short salt and pepper locks in eggs and ketchup. What we do know his he still has one other disgusting habit, that certainly does go on to this day: sticking his chewed gum on his guitar and under chairs. It’s a good thing he has such a great voice.