Blake Shelton Shows Off His Hilarious Dance Moves as He Plays Coy About Gwen Stefani Wedding Rumors

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are easily one of the most adorable couples in the music industry — and his recent dance video proved why everyone loves them. The country crooner was caught dancing a jig to one of Stefani’s songs on New Year’s Eve, and the clip might be the funniest video of 2020. It also comes after Shelton coyly dodged a question that he and Stefani got engaged over the holidays.

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People’s Choice Awards

Blake Shelton dances in the new year

Taking to Instagram, Stefani shared a hilarious clip of Shelton dancing to her performance of “Hollaback Girl” for NBC’s New Year’s Eve segment. Stefani and Shelton both performed songs for the event, but their concerts were pre-recorded.

In the clip, Shelton rocked a camouflage getup while dancing to Stefani’s track. You can hear the No Doubt frontwoman laughing in the background as the couple was clearly having a great time.

The country crooner has not been very active on social media the past few weeks. He recently released a new album titled Fully Loaded: God’s Country, so there is a chance that he’s resting up from that.

When it comes to their romance, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been dating for well over four years. They have also faced a lot of engagement rumors, but Shelton does not seem to mind listening to all the chatter.

Shelton sparks more wedding rumors

In a recent interview, Shelton opened up about all the rumors surrounding his relationship with Stefani. When asked about the wedding speculation, Shelton revealed that he actually enjoys reading the rumors and would consider himself a lucky man to call Stefani his wife.

“I love the rumors. Those rumors are great,” Blake Shelton shared. “Anybody that thinks that I’m married to Gwen already, I love it. My God. Who wouldn’t want to be married to Gwen Stefani?”

That is not necessarily a confirmation that a wedding is in the works, but the comments are not going to shut down the engagement rumors. If anything, they’ve only added fuel to the fire.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani started dating in the fall of 2015. The two bonded after going through respective divorces that previous summer. Shelton had just parted ways with Miranda Lambert while Stefani had ended things with Gavin Rossdale.

According to Country Living, the country crooner was asked about the wedding rumors because of some lyrics in a song, which talk about how he doesn’t want to “look back in 30 years and wonder who you’re married to” — which fans suspect was written about Stefani.

How does Blake Shelton really feel about Gwen Stefani?

Before getting coy about the wedding talk, Shelton couldn’t help but gush about his relationship with the pop star.

Shelton revealed that his romance with Stefani feels like home and that the timing of it all proves that some divine intervention was at work.

“I think both of us know that the timing and the way that she and I met and it came together and just felt like home—that’s not an accident,” Blake Shelton explained. “And I think just the way that she and I were able to save each other’s lives and get ourselves through that time, it was evidence to us that God had a hand in it.”

Despite all the rumors to the contrary, Shelton did not say whether or not he and Stefani are officially engaged. Sources claim that the country star popped the big question over the holidays, though we have yet to receive any official confirmation.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton celebrated Christmas in Los Angeles with her side of the family. They were even spotted attending a Christmas mass with her three boys, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, whom she shares with Rossdale.

Carson Daly spends time with Shelton in Oklahoma

While fans wait eagerly for an engagement announcement, Shelton recently spent some time with his co-star, Carson Daly. Shelton and Daly flew to his ranch in Oklahoma, and The Voice host shared a photo of them posing together on social media.

“In a land far far away from giant red turning chairs, golden globes and well, civilization…me & a cowboy spend a [weekend] of a lifetime with our families, away from it all. Needed that, thanks buddy!” Daly wrote.

Stefani was not included in the photo, but she was credited with taking the picture.

Although it was great to see the co-stars mingling together over the holidays, Stefani will not be returning to The Voice in season 18. NBC has already announced that Nick Jonas will be replacing Stefani next season.

Stefani likely opted out so that she could focus on other projects. This includes her residency in Las Vegas, which has proved a big success. Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, on the other hand, will be back in action.

Gwen Stefani has not said anything about the most recent engagement rumors. Given how their romance is still going strong, we can only hope that 2020 is the year Blake Shelton finally pops the question.