‘Blindspotting’: When Will Season 2 Premiere?

After receiving critical acclaim for its first season, Blindspotting has officially been greenlit for season two. Since its inception in June 2021, the Starz comedy-drama series has the rare achievement of surpassing its original source material.

It is rare for a series to break through the barrier formed by longtime fans. Thankfully, Blindspotting manages to satisfy both newcomers to the series and original fans.

‘Blindspotting’ has style and substance

So far in its run on Starz, Blindspotting has established a well-managed balance between two distinct and powerful things: The series tackles highly sensitive cultural topics while still being fundamentally entertaining.

For Season 2, the show must maintain this blend of comedic flair and hard-hitting topical relevance.

Season two of the Starz comedy-drama series

Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs are interviewed while promoting 'Blindspotting'
‘Blindspotting’ stars Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs | John Parra/Getty Images

Blindspotting stars Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal have expressed gratitude for the accolades and support they received for season one. The showrunners have channeled that momentum from the first season into designing the second. Diggs and Casal want to release a worthy follow-up season, which they’ve worked on for the past few months, according to Variety.

Currently, neither Starz nor the showrunners have confirmed the second season’s release date. While the show has received a guaranteed greenlight, extensions and delays may occur during production as the coronavirus pandemic affects filming and the entertainment industry in general.

What we know about ‘Blindspotting’ season two so far

Many media outlets have speculated about the actual makeup of season two in terms of its direction and thematic style. Casal told Collider that the particular style of writing he does for Blindspotting is described as the BBC model. This model continually proliferates through the majority of shows that tend to have an extended run on Starz. Generally, each season has a fully contained storyline of its own rather than directly following up the events of the prior season.

Based on the model Casal espoused, we can assume season 2 will take Blindspotting in a fresh narrative direction and independent character arcs rather than simply stretching out loose ends from the first season. However, this doesn’t completely disqualify any references or callbacks that could provide greater insight into the characters.

Whether Diggs and Casal will flesh out the backstories of characters like Ashley, Miles, and Shawn as powerfully they did in season one or create a unique dynamic between new characters, fans are absolutely waiting to see how Blindspotting can capture lightning in a bottle yet again.

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