‘Blue Bloods’ Alum Griffin Newman Donates $11k to Bail Funds, Encourages Other ‘Blue Actors’ to do the Same

As a result of the George Floyd protests across the nation, many actors who have played cops on television are donating to promote social justice reform. The one to lead the charge on this issue is actor Griffin Newman, who played detective Sam Johnson on Blue Bloods for two episodes in 2011. Newman’s call to action prompted many other A-list ‘blue’ actors to follow suit.

Griffin Newman smiling in front of a textured background
Griffin Newman | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Newman’s Tweet that started the movement

In his Tweet on June 1, Newman illustrates that he donated 11,000 dollars to the ActBlue Fund. The ActBlue Fund is an Emergency Response Fund dedicated to supporting bail for protesters across the National Bail Fund Network. Likewise, the Emergency Response Fund also calls for the release of all non-dangerous individuals inside jails and detention centers during the pandemic.

Although Newman only played a cop for two episodes, he felt he had a duty to support social justice reform. His tweet urges other actors, both past and present, who donned the blue uniform on TV, should donate too. He points out that actors who portray cops make hundreds of thousands of dollars for their role, so they should easily have enough to spare for the cause. Newman’s tweet was only the start for what was to come.

The positive response to Newman’s Tweet

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Newman followed up his original Tweet with another continuing to urge others to support the cause. Both his original and second Tweet received overwhelming support from the community of actors who have portrayed cops on television. One of those actors was Stephanie Beatriz, who played Jessica on the police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In her own Tweet, she emulates Newman’s original call to action and also donates $11,00 to ActBlue.

Beatriz’s response prompted other Brooklyn Nine-Nine actors to support the cause. Just one day after Newman’s original tweet, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast raised over $100,000 for the ActBlue Fund. The Tweet illustrates that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast condemns the murder of George Floyd and supports the protests against police brutality. It also provides a link to the ActBlue Fund and ends the tweet with the Black Lives Matter hashtag. 

Newman’s career since Blue Bloods 

Although he had a relatively minor role on Blue Bloods, he has had a successful acting career. He is most well known for his role in The Tick, playing the nerdy and comedic superhero sidekick Arthur Everest. He co-hosts the podcast Blank Check with actor David Sims. Newman has also had cameo appearances in recurring roles in popular shows such as Graceland, Supergirl, and Our Cartoon President.

Newman’s Tweet shows actors can spread their influence to impact social issues positively. Not only did fellow actors support the cause, but even his fans helped raise awareness and donated. As a result of the protests, many entertainment icons, across all industries, are raising awareness for social justice reform. Together, they can use their influence to spread the message of change and unity, prompting others to follow and listen. When all is said and done, we can hope for positive change.