‘Blue Bloods’: Did This 1 Early Career Mistake Make Sami Gayle a Better Actress?

Sami Gayle is a star who could soon become a household name. She is currently known for her role on the hit series Blue Bloods as Erin Reagan’s daughter, Nicky.

Gayle currently seems poised to take on a lot of roles in Hollywood in the future, and, unbeknownst to many fans, her current success might have come about as a result of a mistake she made earlier in her career. Read on below to find out what happened and why this mistake has made her a better actress.

How Sami Gayle became an actress

Sami Gayle's character acting in 'Blue Bloods'
Sami Gayle on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Craig Blankenhorn/CBS via Getty Images

While a lot of actors grew up knowing that they wanted to appear in films and on TV, Gayle did not consider going into acting until a bit later.

She grew up mostly focusing on her dancing skills. She told Schön! Magazine: “I started my career as a dancer, I never really considered acting. I loved dance, I would spend four or five hours a night after school from the time I was six to ten.”

Gayle stumbled upon acting when someone saw her dancing and offered her a role. However, she did not take up that offer since it conflicted with an important family event. Fortunately, her brother helped her out and found her another acting gig.

“My brother discovered that they were auditioning for Gypsy with Patti Lupone and we asked my parents if I could go onto an open call,” Gayle recalled. “I made it through, without ever having sung or acted before and played to play Baby June in the off-Broadway production, which was soon moved to Broadway.”

Her career is now on the rise

Ever since her Broadway success, Gayle has been working hard at her acting career.

In 2009 and 2010, she had a small role as Hayden Lawson on the soap opera As the World Turns.

Then, she landed the role of Nicky Reagan on Blue Bloods, which has become her most recognizable one yet. Her character is known for providing the series with a liberal viewpoint, which often conflicts with the other characters’ conservative values.

Aside from Blue Bloods, Gayle has acted in several movies as well, such as Hateship Loveship (2013) and Vampire Academy (2014). In 2018, she had a starring role in the Netflix film, Candy Jar.

Her success might be due to this mistake

When looking back at Gayle’s career so far, it seems that Gayle was able to do well because of a mistake she – or rather, her brother – made.

After her brother booked her for Gypsy, he began representing her and trying to get her more work. However, considering the fact that the two of them were still kids, this did not work out so well.

“My brother acted as my agent continually — he would book me multiple shows to the point where I was once booked into Billy Elliot and Gypsy and couldn’t do both,” Gayle told Schön! Magazine.

This led Gayle to realize that she needed a real agent, so she went out and found someone who could “take on the mess a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old had created.”

Getting an agent seems to have been a good move for Gayle. She was able to work on notable shows while also not be overwhelmed with accidentally overbooking gigs.

What’s next for Sami Gayle?

In Fall 2019, it was revealed that Nicky Reagan would be appearing less on Blue Bloods as the character had gotten a job on the opposite side of the country. Gayle seems to still be a cast member on the show, but it looks like she will now have more time to take on other work.

Currently, not much is known about what projects Gayle has in store for fans. She recently graduated from Columbia University, so it seems that she has academic and film pursuits that are worth looking forward to.