‘Blue Bloods’: Do the Actors Really Drive on the Show?

If you’re a Blue Bloods fan, you likely watch the show faithfully each week. You probably have questions about details on the show such as the food served during Reagan family dinners. Another question you might have is whether the actors are really driving on the show. Here’s what we know.

Permission is required to use the New York Police Department logo

Will Estes in a police car on 'Blue Bloods.' | Giovanni Rufino/CBS via Getty Images
Will Estes in a police car on ‘Blue Bloods.’ | Giovanni Rufino/CBS via Getty Images

The Blue Bloods producers do their best to make sure the show looks realistic. One thing you’ll see throughout the show is the NYPD logo. According to AM New York, proper licensing is required to use the logo. “Series such as Blue Bloods are encouraged to purchase through the department’s production partnership with NYC & Co. It’s an arrangement that produces a ‘stream’ of revenue to New York City,” writes AM New York’s Meghan Giannotta.

The cars on the show are different than real police cars

Zachary Booth as Lorenzo Colt, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko | Craig Blankenhorn/CBS via Getty Images
Zachary Booth as Lorenzo Colt, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko | Craig Blankenhorn/CBS via Getty Images

There are some differences between real police cars and the ones you see on Blue Bloods. One thing that’s different is that sirens aren’t included in the fake cars. “The vehicles are right on the money. They look the same, but the sirens are added in post,” retired police officer Jim Nuciforo told AM New York.

Furthermore, Nuciforo said real police cars are equipped with all the necessary technology. However, you won’t find the detailed computer system in the cars made for the TV show. “On the inside, they don’t have all the computers the NYPD has, but you’d never know just looking from the outside,” said Nuiciforo. Another difference is the license plate numbers. “They can’t use any number of an active precinct,” Lt. Noe Campos, of the Movie/TV Unit told the publication. “They use, say, 55 or 12; numbers of precincts that don’t really exist.”

Do the actors really drive on Blue Bloods?

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In most movies and TV shows, an actor pretends to drive. In 2014, CBS shared a little behind-the-scenes secret, revealing Will Estes liked to drive instead of faking it. Here’s what the folks over at CBS had to say on the website: “The car scenes are no longer just green screen. Will actually drives a car with a camera attached to it through the mean streets of New York City. He hates fake-driving; he loves to drive!” From the looks of a recent Instagram post, we’re not sure if Estes still likes to drive, but way back in 2014, he preferred to jump behind the wheel and do the driving.

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