‘Blue Bloods’: Eddie and Jamie Took a Big Step Together in the Season 10 Premiere

Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) got married last season of Blue Bloods. Now we get to see how they’ll move forward in season 10.

The couple took a big step together in the premiere. Eddie also made an important decision. Find out what happened and more.

Eddie and Jamie got married in last season’s finale

Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Officer Eddie Janko on 'Blue Bloods'
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Officer Eddie Janko on ‘Blue Bloods’ | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Last season left off with Eddie walking down the aisle to get married to Jamie. The ending actually got a lot of backlash because fans didn’t get to see the married couple exchange their vows.

We also saw the couple adjust to being engaged and working together last season. Eddie often was getting stuck between her fellow officers and being in a relationship with the boss.

Season 10 will show what married life will be like for the couple. Will their work have to change again? What will their new personal look like together? Some of those answers were given in the premiere.

They got an apartment

The premiere, “The Real Deal” showed the newlyweds struggling to find out their new normal. That included finding a place to live.

They were recommended a realtor by their boss that showed them pricey apartments that would be discounted since Jamie is the son of the police commissioner. However, Jamie didn’t feel comfortable with that. This led to a deal between them.

“Marriage is about compromise OK? And compromise is by its very nature is transactional. You give something. You get something,” Eddie told Jamie. “So I’m gonna’ work midnights and you are going to quit looking the gift horse in the mouth.”

They went back to their boss to say Eddie will be taking midnights. Their boss offered them an apartment his mother has that is rent controlled that is less fancy than the places they were looking at before.

The episode ended with Jamie carrying Eddie over the threshold of their new place. Eddie also made an important decision.

Eddie decided to take the Reagan name

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It looked like Eddie was thinking about going by “Eddie Janko-Reagan.” This wasn’t a popular choice given their boss said it was a mouthful.

When the married couple were about to go into their new place Jamie asked “So you ready, Mrs. Janko-Reagan?” Eddie said, “You know what? How about Officer Janko at work and just Mrs. Reagan at home?” Jamie said, “That sounds good to me.”

This isn’t the first time Eddie debated whether she should follow tradition. In last season’s finale she was thinking about walking down the aisle alone. However, she was so nervous when the time came and she asked Frank (Tom Selleck) to walk her down the aisle instead.

Fans seem to be happy about Eddie’s decision. One tweeted, “Such a great first episode back! And this was my favorite part, Mr. and Mrs. Reagan!” Another tweeted, “Awwww!!! What a cute, sweet #Jamko moment!!! Mr. Reagan carried Mrs. Reagan over the threshold of their new home!!!!”