‘Blue Bloods’: Eddie Calls Out Jamie for Not Fighting Fair

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) isn’t afraid to call out Jamie (Will Estes) when they disagree. Blue Bloods fans got to see them argue and how Jamie doesn’t “fight fair” in the newest episode.

Eddie and Jamie disagree a lot on ‘Blue Bloods’

Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko on 'Blue Bloods'
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

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Eddie and Jamie got married at the end of season 9. They not longer get to be partners walking the streets. But fans have seen them try to work together as a married couple.

However, that’s tough since Eddie also works under Jamie. They have argued about their finances, where to live, and chores. Some fans have been upset that they don’t get to see the couple be romantic with each other often. But the actors seem to like it this way.

“Will [Estes] was cautious, at first, and rightly so,” showrunner Kevin Wade told Entertainment Weekly. “because he had the fear that, frankly, he had every right to have: ‘Are we going to be playing scenes where we’re holding hands, gazing into each other across a checkered tablecloth in a dimly lit restaurant?’”

He continued, “I assured him we had no interest in writing those stories, and I know he has no interest in playing them.”

Eddie tells Jamie to fight fair

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Jamie gave Eddie and her partner a new assignment in “The New Normal.” He said a social worker will ride along with them as part of a new program. The idea is that they will help avoid violence by deescalating situations.

They get a nice social worker named Claire (Kate Rockwell), who does help with a young man who has a mood disorder. She is able to calm him down and Eddie is excited about it. She talks about it later with Jamie and he says it might have worked but it was only one call.

“You’re skeptical,” Eddie said. “I’m always skeptical except when it comes to my love for you,” he told her. “Fight fair,” she said back. They continued to disagree and Jamie tried to smooth things over saying, “Have I told you how much I love you?”

Claire goes on another call with them and the same person did get violent. Eddie still told Jamie she learned from Claire and wants him to be persuasive to continue the program in his report. The couple then decided to work on it together.

The couple will focus on work for now

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Some fans are wondering when Jamie and Eddie will grow their family. But it looks like that won’t happen for some time.

“Eddie and Jamie fell in love being equals, and one or both of them would have to step back from a bit of their career that they love so much [when they start a family],” Ray explained to Hollywood Life. 

She claimed Eddie and Jamie go back on forth on whether to grow their family. But mostly Eddie loves her job and doesn’t want to step back any time soon.

Eddie’s passion for her job shows in every episode. She is even willing to argue with Jamie because of it.