‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Think Erin and Jack Will Get Back Together After Their Emotional Episode

Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann) made another appearance on Blue Bloods. This time Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) went to see him and revealed something she has been feeling for quite some time. Read about the latest episode and why fans think they’ll get back together. [Spoiler alert: for the episode “The First 100 Days”.]

Erin Reagan and Jack Boyle used to be married

Bridget Moynahan and Peter Hermann on 'Blue Bloods'
Bridget Moynahan and Peter Hermann on ‘Blue Bloods’ Giovanni Rufino/CBS via Getty Images

Erin and Jack used to be married, and are now divorced. There was a time when they tried to work on their relationship again.

In the episode “Knockout Game,” Jack asked Erin if they will tell Nicky (Sami Gayle) that they’re back together. She considers it. But when she talks to Jack about him moving back in he says he isn’t ready and just wants to just date.

Erin decided to break it off with him. That was back in season 4 and the former couple is still talking about what led to their breakup.

In the episode, “Ripple Effect” Erin said the fact they stopped working together led to some distance between them. Jack also told her in that episode that he felt like he could never live up to her expectations.

Erin told Jack that he hurt her

Erin meets with her ex-husband after surviving a car crash in “The First 100 Days.” She tells him something that she has been feeling for quite some time.

“You hurt me,” she told him. Jack seemed confused by this so she continued. “I’ve been denying it for so long and keeping it from you since day one. But more so, just denying it from myself,” she said.

Jack then asked her how is he supposed to respond. “You’re not,” she answered before leaving his office. They later talked again in the episode.

Jack joined Erin and Nicky for dinner. “Thank you for saying all of that,” he told her. “You said what I’ve been wanting to say. What I should have said a long time ago, I know that I hurt you. And I could bore you with all of the whys but we both know you are a better lawyer than me, and so you could poke a thousand holes into my argument. So let’s just cut to my summation: I am sorry.”

Erin said, “I had a scare the other day and it made me look at my life. And you were all over it. And the hurt part was just a tiny chapter in the whole story.”

Fans want them back together

Some fans loved seeing Jack and Erin together. They are predicting they will romantically get back together this season.

It’s obvious the two lawyers still care about each other. But this wouldn’t be the first time Blue Bloods gave the possibility of them dating again only for it to not happen. Fans will just have to keep watching to see if they get their wish.