‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Questions if He Can Be Commissioner if Erin Becomes the District Attorney

We’ve reached 12 seasons of Blue Bloods, so things are destined to change. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) questions if his position would ruin his daughter’s chance to get promoted. Will he resign because of it? The latest episode gives that answer.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 3 ‘Protective Instincts.’]

The Reagans support Erin running for District Attorney on ‘Blue Bloods’

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Erin has said the District Attorney position is her dream job. She’s been working as an assistant to the position for many years on Blue Bloods.

She started to become frustrated with her job since she got a new boss last season. Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff) became D.A. and started micromanaging Erin.

This season, Anthony (Steven Schirripa) decided to push Erin to run finally. She was surprised at the family dinner with her election sticker. The family said they support her going for it.

Frank questions if he can be commissioner if Erin becomes the District Attorney

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan stands at a podium for a press conference on 'Blue Bloods'
Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’ | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

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The Blue Bloods episode “Protective Instincts” shows Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) coming to Frank with a job offer. The position is with the NFL and comes with a seven-figure salary.

Frank considers it, and he talks to Henry (Len Cariou) about it. He mentions Erin’s run for District Attorney. 

“The fact is as long as I’m PC, it would be next to impossible for her to win,” Frank tells his father. Henry disagrees. “Two members of the same family in two of the most powerful positions in law enforcement in the same city?” Frank says. Henry argues they’re perfect for the jobs. “No one’s gonna read past’ dynasty,'” Frank claims. “That’s how it will play.”

Frank decided to keep his job

Frank later talks to Erin about this dilemma. He tells her that he would be the “invisible running mate” on her ticket. Erin asks if he’s trying to say she’d lose the election, but he says no. 

He tells her about the job offer. “You can’t put this on me, Dad,” Erin tells him. “Making my choices the fulcrum on which your decisions are made. I’m my own person, not an extension of you.”

Erin tells Frank she’ll tell him if she’s running when she makes a decision. Frank decides, in the end, to keep his job because he loves it.

It looks like not much is changing for Frank on the CBS show, after all. But Erin is still considering running for her dream job. Both of them take into consideration how the public will view their family if she does run.

The Reagans have certainly made their share of enemies over the years on Blue Bloods. But they have also stayed in their positions for so long because they’re loved within the law enforcement system. That might help Erin in the end.