‘Blue Bloods’: How Many Seasons Can You Watch on Netflix?

CBS police drama Blue Bloods is one of the most successful shows of the past decade. Year after year, fans have returned to watch the Reagan family fight crime in New York City and deal with problems in their personal lives.

For those who would like to watch Blue Bloods, Netflix is the perfect place to start. But just how many seasons of this series is available on the streaming platform? Will any later seasons be added? Read on below to find out.

‘Blue Bloods’ has been around for almost 10 years

Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Blue Bloods first premiered in 2010 and is currently wrapping up its ninth season. Not many shows can claim to have this sort of longevity, but Blue Bloods has done many things right in order to keep longtime fans interested while also drawing in new viewers.

For one thing, the show has been praised for being quite accurate. Of course, there have no doubt been moments that have been extremely dramatized (it’s TV, after all), but Blue Bloods still tries to be as realistic as possible.

The show is filmed in New York City, where the characters actually live, and has a former member of the NYPD on hand to check the scripts. As such, police officers have really enjoyed Blue Bloods and think it does their job justice.

Fans also really love watching the dynamic between members of the Reagan family, which can be seen at their famous family dinner that happen in every episode. They all have distinct personalities and sometimes clash with one another, but like many families out there, the bond between them is unbreakable.

How many seasons of ‘Blue Bloods’ are on Netflix?

Whether you are a curious newbie who would like to start getting into Blue Bloods or a longtime fan who would like to re-watch some of your favorite moments, you will be glad to know there are eight seasons available on Netflix. Each season also features 22 to 23 episodes, so binge-watching all of them will surely be a long and enjoyable experience.

Season 9 is currently still airing on TV and has not been added to the streaming platform yet. However, based on when the previous few seasons were added, it has been speculated that the new season most likely will be available on Netflix this July.

For those who use Netflix’s DVD service, all eight seasons are also available for rent. Additionally, Season 9’s DVD should be released in August.

Some fans are also worried about Blue Bloods being removed from Netflix in the future, given CBS’ plan to remove many of their content from the service in order to attract more viewers to CBS All-Access. However, it seems that CBS is only doing that for newer shows and older ones like Blue Bloods will still be on Netflix.

‘Blue Bloods’ has been renewed for another season

Once you are caught up with everything that has been going on in Blue Bloods, it won’t be long before new episodes are airing again. The show has been renewed for a 10th season.

Kelly Kahl, CBS’ president said in a statement:

“Blue Bloods has been a top 10 drama and Friday’s top-rated show every year it’s been on the air. On a night that many have claimed is quiet for broadcast television, its quality writing, superb acting and familial warmth have attracted an average of over 13 million passionate viewers each week for nine years. We are delighted that Tom [Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan] will return and that the show will continue to be a vital component of the CBS schedule next season.”

Season 10 of Blue Bloods will most likely premiere in late September 2019.