‘Blue Bloods’: Is It Time for Erin Reagan to Have a Love Interest?

The love lives of characters on TV shows are probably more than half the reason audiences keep tuning in. If Blue Bloods isn’t necessarily known for elaborate love plots, the characters do have interesting love lives that keep fans intrigued. Part of this comes in how less of a love life one character has: Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan).

From one side of things, it’s refreshing to see Erin not delve into a love life, just because it’s demanded of a single, divorced woman in a TV show. The push of always needing to have romance in any type of fiction is more than unrealistic, if ultimately doomed to always being done for sake of ratings.

A lot of fans are hoping Erin will finally find a new love interest. However, this isn’t one particular situation the show is hinting at lately.

For Erin, her work is her life…at the moment

Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan on set of 'Blue Bloods' sitting at a desk with her head resting on her hand
Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods | Craig Blankenhorn/Getty Images

There isn’t any doubting Erin is the most successful of all of Frank Reagan’s kids. After all, Erin has found herself moving up the ranks to Bureau Chief for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Because of that top position and her push to adhere to the law without loopholes, she sometimes clashes with her siblings who try to work around legal scenarios.

Her job is demanding, and that’s why the show hasn’t pushed her into a romance since divorcing her prior husband, Jack Boyle. Even though they almost got back together, she relented. At the center of her decision was their daughter, Nicky (Sami Gayle).

Not that the show hasn’t been attempting to make it look like they possibly could get back together…yet again. Yes, there seems to be an indication Blue Bloods is taking a little from the This Is Us playbook in the Kevin/Sophie will they/won’t they trope.

Bringing the concept of possible remarriage is somewhat new to TV. Although it might be just a ruse to create some romantic debate with viewers.

Fans want her to find a romantic interest eventually

Erin has had some romantic feelings for a few guys since her divorce. She never acted on any of them, though, which gave a good dose of reality to Blue Bloods—hence why so many still love the show.

Media analysts have tried to find ways for Erin to find a love interest this season, outside of the show’s writers not acquiescing so far. There’s also concern from fans on sources like Reddit about indications of Erin and Jack flirting with one another again.

When someone posted “Eric Reagan-Boyle is NOT a Thing!” it seemed to give hints the show will create a copycat Kevin/Sophie situation where the prospect of getting back together is a possibility.

If Blue Bloods truly does explore the realms of remarriage, the show would be reaching back to an old plot device from the golden era of movie comedies.

Is the concept of remarriage going to be explored more on TV?

Taking the plunge into a second chance with a divorced spouse is something not always done in TV dramas or comedies. Once in a while it’s been explored, but certainly not with a regular character.

An academic book was written once explaining how screwball comedies of the 1930s and ’40s used something called “The Comedy of Remarriage.” Plots in screwball comedies then usually began with a couple divorced at the beginning of the movie, then detailed the comedic process of how they remarry by the end.

TV might be borrowing a bit from that if going by This Is Us and maybe Blue Bloods. While fans wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin get back together with Sophie on TiU, viewers might give up if Erin goes back to Jack.

Clearly, though, TV wants to stretch this out and offer the prospects of them reuniting, if ultimately falling into the reality camp rather than a fairy tale ending. Blue Bloods would deviate from their brand if they didn’t do otherwise.