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CBS police drama Blue Bloods centers around a crime-fighting family in New York City. Throughout the course of the series’ nine seasons, fans have been able to watch plots unfold around the Big Apple in all kinds of interesting locations. However, perhaps no other place on the show is as representative of Blue Bloods as the famous house that belongs to Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck).

Viewers who enjoy the series might be curious to know – is the house real? If so, where exactly is it located? Read on below to find out more about this intriguing place on Blue Bloods.

The commissioner’s house is famous for its Sunday dinners

Although the members of the Reagan family have gone through many life- changing events during the ten years of Blue Bloods, one thing that has managed to stay constant is the family dinners that occur at the commissioner’s house in every episode.

There are several meanings behind these dinner events. First of all, for the Reagans, family dinner is a time to remember their history and where they came from. “My grandmother grew up poor in a small town in Ireland. She was the oldest of 12 kids and there was never enough to eat,” Jamie Reagan (Will Este) explained once. “She moved to New York to make money. She met my grandpa and when they got married she promised herself that they would always have more than enough to eat. Family dinner was just her way of proudly proving that every week.”

Although their grandmother passed away a long time ago, this tradition that she started continues to live on.

Additionally, for viewers of the show, this gathering is a great way to see everyone together. The Reagans span four generations and lead busy lives, so breaking bread with each other regularly also allows the family members to discuss and share perspectives on what has been going on in the world around them. Occasionally, dinner might be where arguments and confrontations happen, but it is also where love and growth can be shown.

The house is a real place in Brooklyn

To be clear, the interior of the house (where the meal scenes occur, for example) is actually a CBS set. However, fans will be happy to know that the exterior is a real house.

Its location is at 8070 Harbor View Terrace in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The house is situated in a cozy neighborhood near the water. Despite the fact that CBS uses its image for Blue Bloods, the estate is actually privately owned by a group of Catholics from the Middle East called the Maronites. Thus, this is not a place that is open to the public; anyone who wants to get a glimpse of it in real life will have to be respectful and cautious.

It is possible to visit other filming locations as well

Blue Bloods is filmed right in New York City and the cast members can often be found going to many different areas of the Big Apple, most notably Brooklyn and the East Village, to act out their scenes in a realistic setting. For example, Donnie Wahlberg (who plays Danny Reagan), has been seen filming on the steps of the courthouse as well as by the river.

With that said, however, exact filming locations and schedules are often not announced publicly, so it is hard to know in advance where one should go to catch a glimpse of the action. Nevertheless, anybody who wanders around the city could be lucky enough to spot the Blue Bloods crew making TV magic and even meet the beloved cast members themselves.