‘Blue Bloods’: Is This Really the Worst Season?

Blue Bloods is one of the most well-known cop series on television. The popular TV show that tells the stories of the Reagan family is currently in its 10th season.

The hit drama about law enforcement has aired a total of 209 episodes since it’s premier in 2010. Yet, there is no word or any signs of the New York City-based show cancelling anytime soon. With so many seasons filmed and in the books, it begs the question of how the show successfully managed to exist this long.

Blue Bloods has been credited for much well-deserved praise, but over the years, there have been instances when the show wasn’t doing as great.

Take a closer look at some of the moments that the acclaimed show received low ratings and little support.

‘Blue Bloods’ lowest-rated episodes

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck | Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images

“The Poor Door” is the episode with the lowest rating ever for Blue Bloods. Danny Reagan and Detective Maria Baez worked a murder investigation, and Frank was forced to address corrupt legal issues with a friend.

It doesn’t sound too different from most of the storylines the episodes are known for, so why such a low rating? Danny and Baez are famous for their notorious dynamic, but perhaps there was something off about the duo in this particular episode.

“Payback” earned the second spot of Blue Bloods’ lowest-rated episodes. In this episode, Frank struggles with once again having to navigate a legal and moral dilemma with a friend. Per usual, Danny and Baez follow their guts on a lead involving the murder of a famous chef.

“Payback” and “The Poor Door” were both directed by Alex Chapple, but there were many other episodes on the list that were filmed by other directors. “Home Sweet Home” and “Love Stories” are two more of the episodes that made the cut.  

Season 5 of ‘Blue Bloods’ may have been the worst

One glance at the complete list of the lowest-rated Blue Bloods episodes will make one thing glaringly apparent. Something must have been going on during season five. 10 Of the 25 spots that were ranked with the lowest ratings were from Season 5 of Blue Bloods.

That means almost 50 percent of the lowest ratings came from the season that began airing in 2014.

It is unclear as to why so many episodes received such low ratings during season five, but it is definitely a notable observation. Regardless of the ratings and how they came to be, the show did not seem phased and continued to gain a lot of success moving forward.

‘Blue Bloods’ is currently in season 10

The tenth season of Blue Bloods began airing in 2019. All in the name of finding justice, Danny and Baez continue to navigate the uncharted matters of New York City. In “Grave Manners” Danny took care of family business by going undercover.

So far this season the viewers have seen episodes with a medium, a mobster, and a murderous pen pal. “Bones to Pick” focused on Frank who got caught up in an investigation involving an affair. At this point, season 10 hasn’t received too many reviews, but according to Twitter, it seems to be off to a phenomenal and captivating start.

The rest of Season 10 will air in 2020.

Blue Bloods’ popularity and reputation are well-deserved. Through it’s up and downs, Blue Bloods has managed to stay on the air for 10 seasons. The longevity of the show speaks for itself. Some people are curious to see if the award-winning show will come back for Season 11, but only time will tell.