‘Blue Bloods’: Did Joe Reagan Ever Appear on the Show?

The Reagans are already a big family on Blue Bloods. But one member is missing. That is Joe Reagan, and sometimes he’s still mentioned by the characters. But did he ever appear on the show?

Who is Joe Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’?

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Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and his dead wife, Mary, had four children. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), Erin (Bridget Moynahan), Joe, and Jamie (Will Estes). Joe worked as a detective and died in the line of duty. 

It was later revealed he was working undercover with the FBI as part of an investigation on corrupt cops going by the name of Blue Templar. This group would steal drug money for themselves and kill witnesses. Joe was then murdered by Sonny Malevsky (Michael T. Weiss) because he was going to name names. 

The same group that murdered Joe was going to do the same thing to Jamie. “Blue Templar” shows Jamie finally telling the rest of the family what he found out about the group. They then work together to bring them down along with Malevsky. 

Malevsky apologizes and says it wasn’t personal. He then shoots himself in front of the family. The episode ends with the family visiting Joe’s grave.

Did Joe Reagan ever appear on ‘Blue Bloods’?

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The character has never appeared on the show. Season 1 starts 15 months after his death.

The first episode starts with Jamie joining the force. This is after he left law school, so it’s a big transition for him. The only time fans get to see Joe Reagan is in a picture Frank keeps of him.

That means there isn’t an actor credited for the role. Everything we learn about him is through people who knew him when he was alive. That practice has continued with the introduction of his son, Joe Hill (Will Hochman). 

Did Joe Hill leave ‘Blue Bloods’?

Will Hochman as Joe Hill stands with a black eye on 'Blue Bloods'
Will Hochman as Joe Hill on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

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Joe never knew that he fathered a son. But this was revealed through a DNA test at the end of season 10. The Reagans gladly welcomed Joe in, but it hasn’t been easy.

Joe wanted to keep his distance at first because his mother, Paula Hill (Bonnie Somerville), was scared of losing him. However, she changed her mind once she had dinner with the Reagans.

It then became public news that Joe is related to the Reagans, and his fellow detectives didn’t take it well. Joe decided to take a break from work and hasn’t returned to family dinner since then.

The good news is that Joe isn’t gone for good. Executive producer Kevin Wade told Deadline’s Dominic Patten, “we will hopefully revisit with Joe Hill further on in the season but, I don’t have to tell you this Dominic, we have a lot of actors to serve who’ve been doing this for 11 years now.”

So Joe has never appeared on the show. But his legacy has lived on in multiple ways.