‘Blue Bloods’: Maggie and Danny’s Big Step Together in the Season 12 Premiere

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) has struggled to move on after losing his wife on Blue Bloods. That journey continues in season 12’s premiere. Maggie Gibson (Callie Thorne) is back, and she made a big step with Danny in the new episode.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Blue Bloods episode, “Hate is Hate.”]

Maggie previously helped Danny on ‘Blue Bloods’

Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan and Marisa Ramirez as Det. Maria Baez stand next to each other on 'Blue Bloods'
Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan and Marisa Ramirez as Det. Maria Baez on ‘Blue Bloods’ | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Maggie is a medium who stumbled upon one of Danny and Baez’s cases back in season 9. The psychic usually can pick up clues from touching objects.

She has also sensed that Danny is dealing with loss, his dead wife, Linda (Amy Carlson). Maggie told him that Linda had said she loves him. But she has also told Danny he needs to move on by finally taking off his wedding ring.

Maggie often gets Danny to open up, but she hasn’t appeared in a long time. Now she’s back for season 12.

Maggie and Danny’s big step together in the season 12 premiere

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Blue Bloods returned with the episode “Hate is Hate.” It started with Danny and Baez getting a case of a young boy murdered. Danny reaches out to Maggie with the boy’s sock in his pocket because there are no witnesses. The psychic can sense that the father is somehow involved, and he’s very jealous.

But Maggie and Danny also manage to talk about their personal lives. He told her that his younger son Sean (Andrew Terraciano) left for college. Maggie later visits Danny at the police precinct. She tells him that being so focused on his work deprives him of “joy.” She asks him when was the last time she went out with a woman just as friends. He couldn’t give her an answer. 

It turns out Maggie was right about Danny’s case. The boy’s biological father accidentally killed him. Danny went to tell her this and admitted Maggie’s right. He buries himself in work after losing Linda. She invites him to go for karaoke. Danny first turns her down, but the episode ends with Maggie and Danny going out for karaoke. Danny also surprisingly takes the microphone to sing.

Maria Baez is still not a fan of Maggie

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Baez worked with Danny as his partner. But she didn’t get as much screen time in the premiere. However, there is one scene where Baez once again shows she’s not a fan of Maggie.

Danny tells Baez that he went to Maggie. “Because you were looking for help or looking for an excuse to see her?” Baez asked. Danny claimed it was for help. 

The detectives then went to question a possible lead and came to a dead end. Baez said maybe Maggie doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Danny asked what’s her problem with Maggie.

“She’s not grounded in reality,” Baez answered. “Maybe that’s a good thing. I mean, we all need an escape from reality,” Danny said. 

It looks like Baez still isn’t a fan of Maggie. But Danny and Maggie are growing closer as friends. Fans will have to keep watching Blue Bloods on CBS to see if we get to see more of this friendship.