‘Blue Bloods’: Marisa Ramirez Taught a Fighting Style Before Playing Baez

The cast of Blue Bloods has been trained by police officers to play their characters. But Marisa Ramirez, who plays Maria Baez, used to teach a fighting class for years. This is what she has said about her career leading up to her current role.

Marisa Ramirez plays Maria Baez on ‘Blue Bloods’

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Baez joined the show in season 3 to become Danny’s (Donnie Wahlberg) new partner. They have worked well since then and have become good friends.

Ramirez previously played Gia Campbell on General Hospital, Evelyn Santos on Miracles, and Ines Vargas on The Young and the Restless. She later played Officer Riley Dunn on Body of Proof right before she got the Blue Bloods role.

In season 11 Baez has grown closer to the Reagans by going to Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie’s (Will Estes) wedding and going to family dinner. But Ramirez had jobs outside of acting before this.

Marisa Ramirez taught this fighting style

Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez and Donnie Wahlberg as Danny talk outside on Blue Bloods
Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez and Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

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The actor had an interesting journey before landing a job on Blue Bloods. That included acting on soap operas and even working in fitness.

Ramirez told PopCulture.com that she taught kickboxing classes for six years. Now she does kickboxing for the love of the sport. That probably comes in handy when playing a detective who has to chase down suspects.

“There’s always been this kind of bossy quality, strength, power, woman of power sort of thing. Maybe I just like to yell at people, and maybe I was good at that,” she joked.

The actor also alluded to something in her personal life changing her to be more fitting for cop roles after years of playing the love interest. 

“Then maybe something happened in my personal life, where I just kind of evolved as a person and found some strength that was being seen in these casting rooms, and I just kept being cast as a cop,” Ramirez said.

Do the ‘Blue Bloods’ actors do their own stunts?

Doing my own stunts on #BlueBloods today!WARNING – Don’t try this at home.

Posted by Donnie Wahlberg on Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Baez is often seen chasing down people with Danny. Danny is usually the one to do the most dangerous things on the job being more of the “hot head.” But does he actually do his own stunts?

The answer is he gets help with a stuntman. The actor once made a video jokingly saying, “I do all of my own stunts” getting ready for a scene. “But I admit since Tom Cruise broke his foot I gotta be a little more careful, just a little more careful. So I gotta pick my spots,” he added.

We then see actors filming and a stuntman gets hit by a car. Filming stops and Wahlberg goes over to take his place in the scene as if Danny was hit. So Ramirez might know a specific fighting style, but it’s probably not being used that much on the show.