‘Blue Bloods’ Needs a $125k Gadget Before Production Can Resume

After dealing with shutdowns from COVID-19 for several months, the public is eager to get back to normal, especially when it comes to entertainment.

Fans miss their favorite TV shows, like the procedural-police drama, Blue Bloods. Luckily, the entertainment industry is working on a solution, and Blue Bloods may be at the forefront. 

What is ‘Blue Bloods’ all about?

Tom Selleck in 'Blue Bloods'
Tom Selleck in ‘Blue Bloods’ | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

The CBS dram, Blue Bloods follows the fictional Reagan family through their work in New York City law enforcement. An Irish Catholic family with a long history of police work, they continue their careers today with each member of the family taking on a different aspect of law.

The patriarch of the family, Frank, played by Tom Selleck, is the police commissioner who learned the job from his father. Henry is now retired, but in his younger days was a beat cop who worked his way up to police commissioner.

Frank’s children continue the family legacy, with Danny working as a detective, Jamie is a police sergeant, and Joe was a cop killed in the line of duty before the show begins. The daughter of the family, Erin works as the assistant to the district attorney. 

Blue Bloods follows the professional stories and personal relationships of each member of the family, bringing the group together every Sunday for their weekly family dinner. 

Why did ‘Blue Bloods’ stop production?

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Like many other TV shows, films, and industries all over the globe, Blue Bloods had to stop production last March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Because they were unsure how long the disruption would last, CBS aired alternating episodes during the last few weeks, with new episodes of Blue Bloods alternating with reruns, in order to stretch out the season. Luckily, the drama was able to finish out its 10th season before going off the air for the summer. 

According to Hidden Remote, CBS has officially renewed Blue Bloods for an 11th season, but with Coronavirus precautions still in place, the crew is unsure how or when they’ll be able to get back into the studio to film. 

The $125k gadget that can help restart production on ‘Blue Bloods’

The entertainment industry is currently looking into ways to restart filming on all halted projects, while maintaining a safe work environment for the cast and crew.

One possible solution is a germ-zapping robot, produced by Xenex Disinfection Services, which would be able to clean the environment with the use of ultraviolet light. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blue Bloods has shown interest in the robot for use on their set when production begins on season 11, and the crew has already placed one on-hold.

The gadgets, which are already being used for hospital and medical environments, clean areas by releasing bursts of full germicidal spectrum UVC light into the room.

The beams are more intense than sunlight and capable of deactivating 99.99 percent of the novel coronavirus. Because the lights are so powerful, they work while the room is empty.

A user activates the robot, and then leaves the room for about five minutes, enough time for the device to effectively clean the area of germs. According to the company, a person won’t be harmed from a few seconds of exposure to the light, but prolonged exposure should be avoided. 

Xenex’s robots can be rented on a month-to-month basis, or purchased for around $125,000. However, they still need to be approved by industry task forces which are overseeing new production safety protocols. But if they are approved, and Blue Bloods decides to acquire one of these devices for use on set, it could give them the ability to get back to normal filming within a reasonable time frame. 

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