Does ‘Blue Bloods’ Use Real Cops?

If you’re a regular Blue Bloods viewer, one thing you’ve likely noticed is how accurate the show is. How do the producers make sure the series is authentic? Does Blue Bloods use real police officers? Here’s what we know about how the show is made.

How real police officers feel about the show

Tom Selleck on the set of Blue Bloods|Mike Pniewski, Tom Selleck, Esai Morales.  (Photo By Jeff Neumann/CBS via Getty Images
Tom Selleck on the set of Blue Bloods|Mike Pniewski, Tom Selleck, Esai Morales. (Photo By Jeff Neumann/CBS via Getty Images

Blue Bloods is generally well-received by real police officers. Tom Selleck told TV Insider he has been complimented on his portrayal of a New York City police commissioner. Law enforcement employees have also praised CBS on the network’s social media accounts. Furthermore, a family of police officers told CBS New York Blue Bloods does a great job when it comes to accuracy. “It’s pretty realistic as far as showing the Wahlberg character,” said police officer John Baumeister. “The detective squad scenes and him talking to people and interviewing people, I’d say that’s pretty right-on accurate.”

Does Blue Bloods use real police officers?

The Blue Bloods cast and crew go to great lengths to make sure the show is as accurate as possible. They accomplish this by consulting police officers to make sure everything is on target. Retired New York City police officer Jim Nuciforo is the show’s technical consultant, reports AM New York. He worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years. Among the lessons he taught the show’s producers is that police officers don’t tell criminals to “freeze.” Instead, in a situation where a police officer draws his gun, Nuciforo says an officer would say, “POLICE, DON’T MOVE,” he told the publication.

Nuciforo told CBS 58 he takes time to comb through each Blue Bloods script to ensure the show is on point. “Let’s say [they receive] a 56-page script, I’ll give them anywhere between five to 10 pages of notes on the script, just plugging in dialogue with more jargon,” said Nuciforo. The former police officer pays attention to every detail. According to CBS 58, Nuciforo focuses on the accuracy of everything from where a lapel pin is located to how police officers on the show talk. He also meets with members of the New York City police department daily. The producers aim to get details of the show correct because they are aware former and current police officers watch the show.

Fans love the Blue Bloods dinner scenes

During an interview with CBS This Morning’s Gail King, one question the host had for the cast is why fans love watching the Blue Bloods family dinners so much. “The family dinners, I’m always fascinated by that. When I was a kid, we always had dinner as a family, but people don’t do that now. Do you think people like it so much because they do it and it resonates or because they don’t do it and they want to?” asked King.

Selleck responded by saying he thinks it’s a little bit of both. Audiences like the dinner scenes because it’s something they wish they had and sometimes they are drawn to these scenes because it reminds them of what they used to do growing up. Here’s what Selleck had to say: “I think both. I think some had it and don’t anymore, and some never had it and wished they did. I think mostly our culture doesn’t have that anymore,” he said.

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