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Season 11 of Blue Bloods might be shorter, but it had many dramatic moments. It’s only right that the last two episodes had even higher stakes that brought the Reagans together. This is how the season ended.

[Warning spoilers for Blue Bloods episodes, “The End” and “Justifies the Means”.]

“The End” shows Joe Hill undercover 

“The End” starts with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) finding the body of a dead man. While working the case, they come across Joe Hill working with criminals. Eddie also finds the body of another dead man with Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa). Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is alerted that there is a higher number of robberies in the city. 

It comes out that Joe Hill is working undercover as Joe Riley and only Frank and Jamie knew about it. Joe Hill wasn’t supposed to work in Manhattan, but it looks like his job brought him too close to home. A group is moving guns illegally from Georgia to the city, so Joe is on the case. Max Fagan (Shane Patrick Kearns) seems to be the head of this criminal operation.

The criminals are onto Joe after he’s able to escape getting arrested by Danny. Frank meets with Joe’s boss, Rachel Weber (Gloria Reuben), and doesn’t trust her to handle the dangerous situation.

It comes out at dinner that Joe was offered the case a week after he took a break from work. Everyone who was kept out of the loop is angry with Frank for letting him go undercover, given his father died from doing the same thing.  

Frank goes over Weber’s head and makes the call that Joe should only talk to Jamie from now on. Jamie then goes undercover and tries to tell Joe to leave the case, but he refuses. His cover gets blown, and he is forced to get into a car with one of the criminals. The episode ends with Jamie and Danny finding that car on fire and a body burned inside it.

“Justifies the Means” shows the Reagans rescuing Joe Hill

“Justifies the Means” starts with the Reagans talking to each other at Frank’s home. Danny is still angry the whole family didn’t know Joe was undercover and believes he’s in danger because they all weren’t there to help him. Frank is then told the body in the car wasn’t Joe. Joe is actually on the run with the criminal he’s been working with named Tyce Dickson (Shannon Wallace) while undercover. They make it to Rhode Island.

Frank meets with Weber again. They once again argue over how Joe’s case has been handled. Frank then reveals to her that Joe is his grandson. Meanwhile, Danny and Jamie search for Joe together. They find a video of Joe at a gas station, and he tells the camera he’s OK. 

A man connected to who Joe was working for catches up with him at a motel. He interrogates Joe and his partner to find out who is a cop. Joe luckily shoots him with his backup gun. He leaves a phone number at the scene to tell Danny and Jamie that he’s still on the run. 

Will Hochman as Joe Hill on 'Blue Bloods'
Will Hochman as Joe Hill on ‘Blue Bloods’ | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

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Anthony and Erin struggle to get the warrant they need. So Anthony convinces Erin to skirt the law. Frank is also told someone ran Joe’s plates in Rhode Island, blowing his cover. 

Joe finally questions Tyce to find out where the guns are going. Tyce says he believes the guns are being moved not to be sold, but to be used by the criminal ring. Joe ends up leaving a clue for Danny and Joe that they’re going to New Hampshire.

Anthony and Erin search Max Fagan’s place without a warrant and get evidence. Danny and Jamie finally catch up with Joe, who asks for a few more hours to be on the case. They go with him for backup. The criminals eventually catch up to them, and there is a big shootout. Joe gets hit, and Tyce is killed. Backup comes to the scene at the end to help them.

The episode ends with the Reagans having dinner together. Joe is with them, and they give him his father’s necklace. They also recreate the meal they made for him when Joe bailed on dinner, and he apologizes for leaving. Frank says Joe is truly his father’s son, and that’s a good thing.