Did ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Quit Acting?

While most people who make their way into Hollywood fame tend to stay there for life — though often with varying degrees of success — there are some exceptions. Occasionally, stars will simply decide they’ve had enough of the spotlight and step away. This is especially true for celebrities who get their taste of fame at a young age. Lately, fans are wondering if Sami Gayle is following in these earlier stars’ paths. She’s certainly stepped away from her role on Blue Bloods, but does that mean she’s left acting behind for good? 

Sami Gayle smiling in front of a white background
Sami Gayle | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Sami Gayle played Nicky on ‘Blue Bloods’

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Blue Bloods is a popular drama series that combines two topical favorites of the genre: police work and sprawling family sagas. The long-running series premiered in 2010 and centers on the Reagans, a family who has police work throughout the family tree. The patriarch of the current generation is Frank, the acting Police Commissioner. Following in the footsteps of his own police officer father, Frank is balancing his professional role with his personal one as his own son joins the force. 

Many of the other family members work within law enforcement or adjacent to it, and the entire show definitely has a glorified view of the work as noble and part of the family legacy — so much so that the series faced backlash for “copaganda.” Sami Gayle’s character Nicky stood out from the rest of the family.

Gayle was just 14 when she took on the part, and she remained on the series until 2020, which allowed her the chance to grow up in front of fans’ eyes. Nicky provided something of a liberal-leaning balance to the primarily conservative family, but fans were frustrated that the writing often left her looking like a know-it-all rather than a nuanced character. 

Sami Gayle has left ‘Blue Bloods’

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Season 11 of Blue Bloods is set to wrap up soon, and fans are eyeing the potential for a Season 12. While the official word hasn’t come yet, most are convinced that the story is not yet complete and that another season seems likely. Either way, it seems unlikely Nicky will be returning. 

In the show, Nicky announced an impending move to San Francisco in order to pursue her career. The plot development seems to accommodate Sami Gayle’s decision to move on from the series. Gayle’s life has changed drastically since she took on the part as a teen, and she even attended real-life college around the same time that her character did. Since that announcement, Gayle’s appearance on the show has been extremely limited, and signs point to her moving on to other projects. 

Sami Gayle has been focusing on non-acting projects

A quick look at Gayle’s IMDb profile reveals that the star has no upcoming acting projects on the horizon. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t found other creative outlets, though. Speaking to Glitter, Gayle revealed she’s been working on many behind-the-scenes endeavors: “My brother and I have a production company with two films in the pipeline that will hopefully shoot in 2021. I have been working on an EP and recently penned a children’s book.” A similarly-themed Instagram post pointed to her music work as well. 

She also opened up about remaining steadfast in her self-isolation practices during the pandemic, so some of her disappearance from the acting world could simply be a side effect of that reality. Gayle has not officially announced that she’s leaving acting entirely, and her continued work on creative projects, including film production, suggests she’s staying close to the action. It seems likely that we’ll see her on the screen again at some point — though probably not in Blue Bloods