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Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Reagan, shared her new skincare routine with her fans. The Blue Bloods actor also watched a cute Jamko scene during her self-care time. These are the products she used and the scene she watched. 

Eddie and Jamie Reagan talk about love languages on ‘Blue Bloods’

The episode “The New You” showed the married couple in another heated discussion. Eddie wants Jamie (Will Estes) to take a test on love languages with her this time. The love languages were created by Dr. Gary Chapman and include gifts, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Jamie refuses to do it, which upsets Eddie. 

Eddie tries to convince him by saying she wants to learn how to better communicate with him. Jamie still sticks to his guns on the subject. Eddie later uses the five languages to help a couple who are in dispute. 

By the end of the episode, Jamie does learn about the five languages. Eddie comes home and sees he has cooked dinner. He also has a bouquet, compliments her, gives her a shoulder massage, and asks to spend time with her in Central Park. Each of these things represents one of the five languages. Eddie figured out what he was doing, and the couple quickly made up. 

Vanessa Ray does her skincare routine as she watches a cute Jamko scene

Vanessa Ray as Eddie Reagan is talking in her living room in 'Blue Bloods'
Vanessa Ray as Eddie Reagan in ‘Blue Bloods’ | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

Ray shared a video on her Instagram of her doing her night skincare routine on May 14. She also takes breaks to show Jamie and Eddie making up after their fight and talking about love languages from the episode. Jamie is seen giving Eddie flowers, then Eddie is shown talking to him, then the couple hugging it out.

“What’s everyone doing to prepare for tonight’s season finale of @bluebloods_cbs ? I was attempting to START a ‘skincare routine’ for the first time in my life. Big step in my personal growth But…I had to catch up on last weeks #bluebloods so I would be ready. The DRAMA with #jamko!,” read part of the caption.

Ray then explained her routine in the caption. She claimed she starts with cleansing her face with Alma purifying cleanser. The actor then uses serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm. She then uses Luna sleeping night oil from Sunday Riley. Ray also listed restorative eye cream from Tata Harper Skincare as part of her routine.

What will Eddie and Jamie do in the ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 finale?


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Season 11 is about to end, and some of the details about the episodes have been teased. Joe Hill (Will Hochman) has gone undercover to bring down a ring of illegal guns. The whole family will be involved with getting him home safe. 

That means Eddie and Jamie will help out too. But it’s unclear how exactly. Blue Bloods will be returning for the 12th season. So fans will be seeing the married couple again.

The finale will air on May 14 in two episodes called “The End” and “Justifies the Means” on CBS starting at 9 p.m. EST.