‘Blue Bloods’: The Real Reason So Many Police Officers Are Fans of the Show

These days everyone is a critic, especially when it comes to TV shows like Blue Bloods, where many fans know if the writers are making things up for the sake of getting ratings. As it turns out, however, the cases on Blue Bloods, as well as the way they are solved, are actually based on reality.

That’s why many cops enjoy watching the show. It may be full of drama, but the police work is real. So how do the writers of Blue Bloods manage to get all the technical details just right? Screen Rant has the answers.

A former NYPD detective edits the ‘Blue Bloods’ script

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck | Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images

According to the Insider, there are several shows that get a lot of details wrong about solving crimes in real life. For example, profiling is not used nearly as often as Criminal Minds would leave you to believe, and most police departments don’t have access to the incredibly cool technology we see on CSI.

So why is Blue Bloods different? Well, for starters, they hired an editor who has real-life experience in law enforcement.

Before Tom Selleck or Donnie Wahlberg get a chance to look at what their characters are facing, James Nuciforo, a former detective for the NYPD, takes a look at the script and edits it. And by the time he’s done, there are five to 10 pages of jargon that take the show to the next level.

He also plays a huge role in other areas of production. He gives feedback on fast speed car chases, what hoops cops need to jump through to get a search warrant, and whether the pin on a lapel is positioned correctly.

These little details may be lost to the general audience, but to the cops who live the job, that extra care makes the show more real and relatable.

What cops think of ‘Blue Bloods’

It’s hard for viewers who have never worked in law enforcement to know whether something is accurate or not, but the cops who watch the show are highly supportive.

In an interview with CBS 58, Tom Selleck said: “We get a lot of positive response from police officers, my hero’s and I think that’s a wonderful compliment.”

Other actors on the show hear from cops on the street as well. 

Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Janko-Reagan, stated: “That’s like the coolest part of my job when I walk down the street and the NYPD guys are like, ‘Are you Eddie Jenko? Can I get a picture?!’ And I’m like can I get a picture with you?”

Real cops on ‘Blue Bloods’

So are there any other real cops on the show besides James Nuciforo? 

According to AM New York, there are. Given the level of detail to the show, it only makes sense that Nuciforo can’t do it all alone. That’s a huge job for one person, so CBS has brought in other officers to help make things as accurate as possible. 

AM New York reports, “The city’s NYPD Movie/TV Unit, a sector comprising 26 officers working in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, can also be found on set checking props and helping a scene come to life safely.”

Between Nuciforo and the NYPD Movie/TV Unit, the actors are taught how to use firearms safely, how to interact with suspects, and the lingo that real cops use. For example, cops don’t scream “Freeze!” when they see a suspect fleeing the scene. At least they don’t in real life.

For the show, the actors are taught to yell, “POLICE, DON’T MOVE!” just as real cops are at the academy.

It might be overlooked by the general audience, but cops notice and appreciate the extra effort put into making the show realistic.