‘Blue Bloods’: What the Cast Thought of Tom Selleck When They First Met

Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck in not only a fan favorite, but also a favorite among his cast mates. Here’s what they had to say about the first time they met the film and television legend.

Will Estes says Tom Selleck looks like a movie star

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods |John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images
Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods |John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

During an interview with the hosts of “The Talk,” Estes shared what it’s like to work with Tom Selleck. “He’s incredible. He’s such a professional; he’s so studied. He knows his character so well. He could write, produce, and direct that show, but he maintains that he just wants to act in it. But when you work with him, you can see just how good he is at what he does. It’s a treat every day,” said Estes.

Former “The Talk” host Julie Chen Moonves commented on how much of a star Selleck is. “When he walks in the room, you’re like, ‘Now that’s a star,’ said Chen Moonves. He has this aura about him, and it’s like, ‘Wow.'” Estes agreed, saying, “Some people look like movie stars completely on film. He looks like a movie star when he’s standing in the room.”

Vanessa Ray says Tom Selleck is the ‘real deal’

Vanessa Ray told CBS Watch! she thought Selleck looked like a caricature of all the roles he has played. She described him as being the “real deal.” Apparently, she was in awe when she first laid eyes on her co-star. “The first time I saw him, he was smoking a cigar, just like Magnum. I was like, ‘You are a caricature of like every Tom Selleck anyone has ever seen. It’s really real; you’re really him. He’s the real deal. It’s cool,” said Ray.

What Donnie Wahlberg first thought of Tom Selleck

Donnie Wahlberg |Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

In his CBS Watch! interview, Wahlberg said the first thing he noticed was Selleck’s height. “My first impression of Tom when the show first started was, ‘Man, he’s freaking big.’ He’s a tall guy. I said, Danny Reagan will have to tell the story that he inherited grandpa’s genes and not dad’s,” he joked. Wahlberg said he and Selleck have a great working relationship. He shared that Selleck offered him the ultimate compliment by telling him he made scripts better. Here’s what Walberg said about his conversation with Selleck:

Tom’s a real solid individual. After we watched the pilot, he said to me, ‘I’m really good at making scripts better,’ and I thought he was going to offer me, ‘So if you need help, come to me,’ but that’s not what he said. He said, ‘I notice that you are too, and I’m going to count on you to keep running through walls and do what you do for the run of this show.’ And I said, ‘I’m there, man, I got your back.’ And that’s been our relationship ever since.

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