‘Blue Bloods’: What’s Next for Eddie and Jamie?

Fans of the hit show Blue Bloods have been watching the ups and downs for characters Eddie and Jamie for years. As these professional police partners moved on to become a couple and eventually to husband and wife, fans have watched the shifting power dynamics and their love for one another change over time. 

Now the show is teasing some big changes on the horizon for Eddie and Jamie. What could they look like?

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) walking a black dog
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan and Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Blue Bloods has been praised for its realism 

Blue Bloods follows a family with a long line of police officers, and the real-life drama of watching the people on the front lines of crime-fighting intertwined with what goes on behind closed doors has made for some heart jerking television. One of the things that makes Blue Bloods special is its dedication to realism. The show employs retired police officers to help ensure that the plot is sticking close to real-life experiences, and this authenticity adds a layer of depth that fans appreciate. 

The realism doesn’t only apply to the way that the profession of policing is displayed, however. Fans are also drawn in by the complexity of emotion shown in the relationships between the characters. Whether it is a parent and child trying to find their footing with one another or two newlyweds working through their roles as spouses with one another, the show doesn’t shy away from the hard parts. 

Eddie and Jamie have been through a lot

Fans rooted for Jamie and Eddie to take their relationship to the next level for a long time. When Eddie confessed her feelings for Jamie, there was tension over what it could do to their professional partnership, but fans watched them weather that storm. They also watched the pair navigate Jamie’s promotion to sergeant and what it meant for their connection to one another. Fans rejoiced when the pair finally tied the knot, but things did not stay in the honeymoon stage for long. 

Since they’ve gotten married, some fans have been troubled by the new plotlines between the pair. As the couple navigated getting their first home together and struggling through gender roles when it comes to chores around the house, they’ve been dealing with some pretty typical real-life marriage woes. Some fans are afraid, however, that writers may be rushing things along. Throughout the season, fans speculated that Eddie might be pregnant, and they feel that this would be too big of a step too quickly for the couple as they figure out what marriage means for them. 

What will happen to Eddie and Jamie next?

While fans may have thought it was too soon for Eddie and Jamie to start growing their family at the beginning of Season 10, the season finale strongly hinted that things are moving in that direction. During the episode, Eddie got really attached to an abandoned newborn. The twists and turns take them through the emotional roller coaster of finding the baby’s mother, but the end result is that Eddie and Jamie have to come to terms about where they stand on their own potential parenthood. 

It looks likely that this pair could be taking the next step in their family soon. Will fans be more satisfied with the development now that more time has passed in their marriage, or will this plot still feel rushed? Will the plan to grow their family be a smooth one, or will Eddie and Jamie face struggles and complications? What will this step mean for their careers and their relationship with one another? 

All of these questions remain unanswered, but true to the show’s nature, these are real-life questions that people face every day. Watching Eddie and Jamie navigate them will give fans a lot to think about.