‘Blue Bloods’: Where Fans Can Stream the Show Now That It’s Left Netflix

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Blue Bloods fans may be especially inclined to watch the show to catch its trademark Reagan family dinner shows. However, they won’t be able to do it through the most popular streamer. 

As previously reported, Blue Bloods left Netflix this month. However, Blue Bloods fans are not bereft of options. There are other places to stream the show. And short of that, Netflix has other shows that fill the Thanksgiving niche.

Who has ‘Blue Bloods’ now?

Tom Selleck in blue bloods
The cast of Blue Bloods | Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images

Of course, viewers can always watch Blue Bloods the old-fashioned way through regular old TV, with the show in the midst of its tenth season at 10 PM on Fridays on CBS. However, to watch any older episodes, viewers will have to turn elsewhere, per Decider.  

As was the case with Friends, Blue Bloods left Netflix because its parent company wanted the show for itself. That’s why that show will leave Netflix and head over to HBO Max, Warner Bros’ streaming service that debuts next year.

So to watch older cases on Blue Bloods, you’ll have to turn to CBS All Access, which costs $5.99 a month with ads or $9.99 a month without ads. They offer a free seven-day trial. 

The past nine seasons of Blue Bloods are still on Hulu for now, and they have several different pricing tiers starting at $5.99 a month with ads or $11.99 a month without ads. Over on Amazon Prime, you can stream seasons 1 through six.

For later episodes, you can buy those a la carte in case you’re looking for a particular Reagan family dinner. 

‘Blue Bloods’ had an episode called ‘Thanksgiving’ 

The family dinner scenes, unusual for a police show, give Blue Bloods a warm and inviting air that many such shows do not have. Sometimes the dinner scenes get tense, with disagreements among the Reagan clan, but for fans of the show, those scenes not only have food in them — they’re comfort food in and of themselves. 

Since Blue Bloods has been on for 10 seasons,  it would have made sense for Thanksgiving to figure in the family dinners. Not only has it done that, but one particular show in season 2 was actually called Thanksgiving. 

In that episode, the eighth of season 2, a young woman apparently commits suicide, but Danny and Jackie suspect it was forced. Meanwhile, Frank and Mayor Poole disagree about how to handle a threat to the city.

Worst of all, family patriarch Henry has a heart attack on Thanksgiving Eve, casting a dark shadow over the holiday. 

What else to steam on Thanksgiving

Amazon Prime has a number of acclaimed movies about food. While a Thanksgiving meal doesn’t typically involve pasta, the movie Big Night, starring and co-directed by Stanley Tucci, has whetted many an appetite with its story about two Italian brothers who try to put on a dinner for legendary singer Louis Prima to save their struggling restaurant. 

Amazon Prime also has Jon Favreau’s Chef, a gem of a sleeper about a cook who quits his job at a popular Los Angeles restaurant and strikes out on the road with his family to start a food truck. Favreau made this movie after directing the sci-fi western Cowboys and Aliens, which he considered a disappointing experience, and he has said this movie helped him find his mojo again. 

If you’ve signed up for Disney+, check out Pixar’s Ratatouille with its improbable story about a rat who wants to be a world-class chef. One might not think CGI food would be all that appetizing, but Pixar, as usual, finds a way.

There’s a real corker of a final scene with a skeptical food critic who rediscovers a joy he thought he lost.