‘Blue Bloods’: Why Fans Are Angry with the Show’s Portrayal of Gastric Bypass

Blue Bloods is known to cover some hot topics on the show, and have different characters with differing opinions. In the latest episode, multiple characters were at odds over how to approach fitness within the police force. Some fans weren’t happy with how the episode ended due to comments made about gastric bypass and here is the reason why.

In “Rectify” there is a debate on police officers being tested physically

Tom Selleck, Abigail Hawk, Gregory Jbara in Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck, Abigail Hawk, Gregory Jbara in Blue Bloods | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

In the episode, officer Rachel Witten’s (Lauren Patten) partner couldn’t keep up with her running up a few flight of stairs. She was left alone on a rooftop with someone she was in pursuit of because of it.

Frank (Tom Selleck) is shown a video of the incident. There is then a debate on whether police officers should go through a yearly fitness exam.

One side believes it would be discrimination and a lot of good officers would be fired due to that exam. The other side believes police officers have to be at a certain level of shape in order to do their jobs. Frank was at odds with Union President Lyons (Stephen Rowe), who didn’t want to introduce such exam.

How Frank got the union president to get on his side has some fans talking. That’s because there were a few comments about a specific medical procedure.

Frank calls out union leader for getting weight loss surgery

Frank’s team found an old photo of Union President Lyons from the ’90s when he was with Baltimore PD. He was much more overweight, but it turns out he got surgery to lose it.

“You knew you couldn’t climb the career ladder carrying all that lard,” said
Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara). “Some might call that hypocritical.”

Garrett and Frank questioned what Lyons would call what he did. Gastric surgery? Cosmetic surgery? Garrett said, “more than just a tummy tuck.” The police commissioner then said, “It’s not like you even sweated off the extra weight, disciplined yourself, set an example.”

Garrett chimed in with “you took the shortcut.” The two basically said this would destroy Lyons’ reputation if it got out that he got surgery to lose weight. Eventually, they all agree to give an optional test. If officers agree to it then there will be cuts on their copays for taking it.

Fans aren’t happy that gastric bypass was considered as an easy way out

Gastric bypass surgery is a surgery where changes are made to your stomach and small intestine to change the way it absorbs and digest food, according to UCLA Health. It basically limits the amount of food your stomach can hold so you eat less and lose weight.

Some fans didn’t like that the surgery was portrayed as an easy shortcut to losing weight. That’s because there are a strict diet and exercise regimen that should be followed after getting the surgery.

It seems like Frank and Garrett wanted to call the union leader out for being a hypocrite for pursuing weight loss himself, but being against physical testing for other officers. They didn’t make fans happy with their comments on weight loss surgery.

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