‘Boardwalk Empire’: Fans Weigh in on Jimmy Darmody’s Murder

In the history of Boardwalk Empire, there’s one death that still haunts fans, and that’s the murder of Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt). He’s the former protégé of the powerful gangster Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi). What do fans think of Jimmy’s untimely demise? Read on to find out.

After Jimmy takes a hit out on Nucky, he seals his own fate

Michael Pitt
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Jimmy is making his way up the ranks of Nucky’s enterprise when he starts to go his own way. He’s been warned by Nucky before not to cross him, and when he takes a hit out on Nucky, he seals his own fate. Nucky learns about it and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Nucky meets Jimmy out in the rain at night and shoots him twice. He tells him that Jimmy never knew him at all, and that’s clear with his horrendous action against him. Some fans were absolutely shocked at the turn of events and the loss of Jimmy in such a gruesome way.

Fans weigh in on Jimmy Darmody’s murder

Fans were overwhelmingly saddened by Jimmy’s murder at the hands of Nucky. Some saw it coming, while others were left in total disbelief at what goes down in the finale of season 2.

“I hate seeing Jimmy go, but that was one hell of a death scene. That entire episode was shot beautifully,” a Reddit user said.

One Reddit user notes that Jimmy clearly knew he was going to die that night. He didn’t bring any weapons and he seems to be resigned to his fate throughout the entire episode.

“I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, but clearly people must have noted that Jimmy went into this knowing he was about to get whacked. He came out with no weapons. He knew it was a setup and he was prepared for the end,” a Reddit user wrote.

The death of Jimmy is ‘realistic’

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One fan thinks that season 2 was setting up for Nucky to do the deed. It made sense considering everything Nucky has already done and is willing to do to get what he wants in this world. Killing Jimmy was just part of another regular day for him.

“I felt that season 2 basically solidified that Nucky is a complete sociopath and will act and do anything possible in order to get his way in the world. As deeply wounded and upset as I am about Jimmy getting killed, I found it quite realistic,” said a fan.

Fans are divided on Jimmy’s murder

In another thread on Reddit, fans continue to discuss the death of Jimmy years later. His death is the final turning point for Nucky. He can never undo his murder and it eventually leads to Nucky’s own death at the hands of Jimmy’s son, Tommy.

“I was shocked to see Jimmy die so soon in the show. I thought for sure he’d live, and eventually have a standoff with Nucky in the last season,” said a fan on Reddit.

One fan thinks the death of Jimmy was a “mistake.” “As good as the finale was, and as good as season 3 was, I think it was a mistake. Jimmy tied the canvas together in a way no one else did,” a fan wrote in the comments.

However, not everyone thinks Jimmy’s death was a tragedy. “Honestly I found Jimmy to be a whiny brat who had so many second chances and continued to blow it,” a fan weighed in.

The death of Jimmy Darmody is still talked about by fans of Boardwalk Empire who are still divided on the topic to this day.