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Is Bob Barker Still Alive? What the Former ‘the Price Is Right’ Host Is Doing Now

'The Price is Right' is one of America's biggest television shows and provided endless entertainment with host Bob Barker at its helm. Barker retired from hosting in 2007 but has made cameos and guest-hosting stints. Is Bob Barker still alive and doing well? Here's what the former 'The Price is Right' host is up to.

The Price is Right is one of America’s biggest television shows. The show has been on the air for more than five decades, and throughout, it has provided endless entertainment with host Bob Barker at its helm. Barker retired from active hosting in 2007 but has made cameos and guest-hosting stints since his retirement. Is Bob Barker still alive and doing well? Here’s what the former The Price is Right host is up to.

Bob Barker’s early life

Bob Barker speaking at a Mercy for Animals press conference at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel
Bob Barker | Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Barker spent a significant portion of his youth at the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He attended Drury University on an athletics scholarship. In 1943, Barker joined the U.S. Navy Reserve as a fighter pilot trainee but never served on active duty. After the Second World War, Barker returned to Drury to finish his education, earning a degree in economics. While still in college, the host worked his first media job at KTTS-FM Radio. He later moved with his wife from Springfield, Missouri, to Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

Barker moved again in 1950 to California to chase a career in broadcasting and got his self-titled radio show, The Bob Barker Show, which ran for six years. Barker was discovered by a game show producer looking for Jack Bailey’s replacement on Truth or Consequences. The producer happened to be listening to Barker’s audience-participation show on KNX (AM) and liked his style and voice.

Barker began his hosting stint on Truth or Consequences in 1956 and ran the program until 1975. In early 1972, The Price is Right showrunners were shopping for a station for the modernized version of the show. CBS said they would pick the show up but wanted Barker to host instead of Dennis James as the suggested host.

The decision was met with some resistance, and Barker instead offered to take up another show on the station, The Joker’s Wild. The Joker’s Wild was set to debut on the same day as The Price is Right, and the producers were having a tough time finding a host. Barker offered to host the show to allow James to work on The Price is Right, but CBS was adamant about having Barker.

In September 1972, Barker took up hosting duties on the revived The Price is Right and in 1987 went against the grain by deciding to let his grey hair show. At the time, many show hosts took to dyeing their hair to maintain youthful looks, but Barker chose to let his natural hair shine. In 2006 Barker announced his retirement plans which were finalized in June 2007.

Is Bob Barker still alive today?

Barker is still alive in 2021, although he is a bit older today than most people think. The star celebrated his 97th birthday on December 12, 2020. The Price is Right, hosted by Drew Carrey, took to their Twitter page to wish the legend a happy birthday and honor his legacy with a sweet video from Carey and a prompt for fans to join in on the wishes.

Distractify reports that Barker has had some health issues throughout the years, including a stroke, skin cancer, a partially blocked left carotid artery, prostate surgery, and stitches after falling in his home. 2018 was mainly a rough year for the former The Price Is Right host as he was hospitalized twice for severe back pain. Nonetheless, the star is still doing well today.

What is he up to today, and what is his net worth?


‘The Price Is Right’: Former Host Bob Barker Claimed the Show’s Ratings Spiked Up After He Went Gray

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Barker is worth an estimated $70 million. The star earned his wealth with various game shows and TV appearances, with the last decade of his tenure on The Price is Right making up a significant portion of his wealth.

The site reports that Barker earned a reported $10 million annual salary toward his last years on the show. Barker has managed to stay away from the limelight and is said to be currently quarantined in his home, enjoying the quiet life.