Bob Dylan Called a Band That Admired Him a ‘Piece of S***’

It’s often said that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, and this seems to be especially true if you’re a band that idolizes Bob Dylan. Counting Crows’ lead singer Adam Duritz has often spoken about his reverence for the other musician, even writing lyrics about him. Dylan reportedly did not share the feeling. His former guitarist shared a story about the time Dylan insulted the band. 

A black and white picture of Bob Dylan playing guitar and standing in front of a microphone.
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Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz looks up to the ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ singer

Dylan has been writing and performing songs for over 60 years. Naturally, he’s had a considerable influence on the music industry and the artists who entered it after him. Duritz is one of these people. He explained that he’s never met Dylan, though.

“I was around him a few times, we opened for him and I saw him,” Duritz told American Songwriter. “But I don’t always rush to meet my idols because I don’t know what the f*** to say to them. And I don’t want to stand in front of them like an idiot and I’ve done that with some of my idols. [I] stood in front of them like a f***ing idiot who couldn’t think of anything to say. So, I’m not always rushing to do that.”

He explained that he’s struggled with meeting people like Bruce Springsteen, who was warm and open with him. Dylan, who is known to be a bit pricklier, would be more difficult to speak with.

“So, I wasn’t rushing to talk to Bob Dylan, who is famous for being difficult to talk to because I know how much trouble I have with Bruce, who is, quite honestly, quite easy to talk to and a nice guy,” he explained. “I don’t know. I have my idols and I admire them to the ends of the earth, but I’m not always trying to talk.”

Bob Dylan shared harsh words about the band

According to Dylan’s former touring guitarist César Díaz, a conversation between Dylan and Duritz may have been exceedingly uncomfortable. While discussing Counting Crows, Díaz mentioned that he knew Duritz was a big fan. 

“I would go … ‘Bob, the guy from the Counting Crows, he wants to be you,'” Díaz said, per Vulture. “And that was before they did that ‘Mr. Jones’ thing, you know.”

Dylan was not particularly moved by the praise from Duritz.

“He goes, ‘Yeah, look at them. What a piece of s***.'”

The band toured with Bob Dylan’s son

Counting Crows did meet one member of the Dylan family, though. The band has toured with Dylan’s son Jakob’s band, The Wallflowers, more than once. Duritz and Jakob met early in both their careers.

“Well, I met Jake when I was bartending at the Viper Room … 1995, ’96?” Duritz told USA Today. “We did some tours together back then, but I hadn’t seen those guys for a while.”

Evidently, Jakob Dylan holds Counting Crows in higher esteem than his father does.

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