Bob Odenkirk Found Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock ‘Extremely Disturbing’

Since the 2022 Academy Awards, many celebrities have given their opinion on the incident involving Chris Rock and Will Smith. Recently, Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk has decided to give his own 2 cents about the incident. The actor didn’t shy away from his true feelings, admitting that he found the situation disturbing.

Many celebrities have given their opinion on Will Smith’s Oscar slap

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Bob Odenkirk | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Chris Rock being slapped by Will Smith has been a hot topic over the past couple of weeks. Many celebrities have chimed in on the matter, with most defending Rock. Especially those with a background in comedy. In an interview with Extra TV, Jim Carrey described being sickened by the Oscar slap and Smith being applauded afterward. Meanwhile, Schumer found the incident traumatizing, a comment she acknowledged she was made fun of for.

“I don’t think it was traumatizing for me, I think it was traumatizing for all of us… It was upsetting as a person,” she said on The Howard Stern Show.

She also related the incident to her own experiences dealing with difficult relationships.

“I was in an abusive relationship years ago… I thought right away, ‘Oh my God, Will Smith must be in so much pain.’ I felt bad for him too. That’s probably not the right instinct,” Schumer added.

Other comedians like Wanda Sykes, Adam Sandler, and Jeremy Piven have also come to Rock’s defense.

Bob Odenkirk found the Will Smith slap ‘extremely disturbing’

Recently, Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk was another comedian who felt Smith was wrong in the situation. Like others, Odenkirk felt Smith’s actions were indicative of a deeper conflict stirring inside of the actor.

“It was extremely disturbing,” Odenkirk said in an interview with The Telegraph. “The longer I think about it, the more I think Mr. Smith needs some real help. Whether it’s because he has issues that are part of who he is, that he’s had his whole life, or… You know, it’s not good for your brain to be that successful.”

Odenkirk also felt that Smith might have thought his actions would’ve been more well-received.

“And you can live in a kind of a fantasy world,” he continued. “The person who thinks that they can walk across the stage, hit someone, then sit back down, and everyone will… what? [Act] like it’s some kind of movie that you’re living in and you’re the hero? And they’ll go, ‘Great, you showed them?’ That’s just a disconnect from reality that he needs help with.”

Chris Rock joked that he’ll only talk about the Will Smith incident under one condition

Many have praised Chris Rock’s handling of the situation, with Rock being quiet so far about the ordeal. Although it’s unclear if Rock will ever address the moment, ET Canada reported he referenced it at a comedy show.

“I’m OK, I have a whole show, and I’m not talking about that [Will Smith] until I get paid. Life is good. I got my hearing back,” Rock said.

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