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The coronavirus (COVID-19) has all of us practicing social distancing and self-quarantining so that the nation can get the pandemic under control. Fortunately, we have celebrities like Bob Saget and the rest of the Full House family to keep us entertained during these uncertain times.

Full Quarantine coronavirus parody
Full House Cast | Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘Full House’ goes ‘Full Quarantine’ 

The Full House cast came together to recreate the iconic title sequence of the series in a social media initiative called the Full House Challenge. To inspire people to stay home, the cast of the original series came together to create a quarantine-friendly intro to the Full House title song “Everywhere You Look.”

Saget, who played the germaphobe patriarch in the original series, shared the video on his Facebook account. Aptly titled “Full Quarantine,” the video depicts the original cast members, beginning with John Stamos, who struggles to get the last bit of his coveted hair product out of the tube. Then there’s Saget, who sanitizes his trusty mop handle. The quirky Dave Coulier fishes a piece of pizza out of the water, only to eat it — we hope it’s sanitary! 

Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure is up next, plunging a toilet while Jodie Sweetin lies in bed, unbothered by the camera. Andrea Barber, wearing a bacon and egg themed sweater, opens her fridge to find only one egg remaining. Even creator Jeff Franklin joined in on the fun, playing catch with his mask-wearing golden retrievers. The video concludes with a message: “Stay safe and stay home. Unlike Full House, this will go away.” 

Much like the series spin-off Fuller House, the Olsen Twins were not featured in the parody video. Lori Loughlin was also missing. 

The ‘Full House’ Challenge

Inspired TikTok users have started creating their own videos for the “Full House Challenge.” Using the theme song from the 1990’s sitcom, TikTok creators demonstrate the different personalities of themselves, their friends, and family while they’re stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine. 

‘Full House’ fans react ‘Full Quarantine’ 

It’s no surprise that Full House fans loved the original cast’s production of “Full Quarantine.” Fans celebrated the video on Twitter and Facebook, leaving their love in the comments. One fan pointed out the obvious by stating, “Danny already has an advantage. He’s a cleaning freak,” while another Facebook user commented: “Love this. Love the original and the reboot. Stay safe full house cast!!! And thank you for making me smile.” 

Another fan wrote: “So I just shared this with my 2 step daughters in quarantine. They love the show now as much as I did growing up. Thanks for making staying separate bearable!!”

Since “Full Quarantine” was a success, many fans have started asking for more content from the Full House cast. One fan asked: “Danny, could you ask Uncle Jesse to give us a rendition of My Corona sung to the tune My Sherona? Pretty please.” 

Where to watch ‘Full House’ and ‘Fuller House’

Full House isn’t on Netflix, but if you’re in need of the original series, you can find eight seasons of Full House on Hulu. Stream the five seasons of Fuller House on Netflix.