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Some celebrity chefs stir up controversy wherever they go. Bobby Flay is sometimes at the center of a public “feud” even if he doesn’t mean to be. The confident, talented chef makes a living off of his Food Network show, Beat Bobby Flay, where other chefs compete against Flay with their own signature dish. In real life, there’s one chef Flay wants to cook for him and they’ve already had words in the past. Here’s what he said.

Bobby Flay made a few enemies over the years

Bobby Flay
Chef Bobby Flay | Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

To be in the limelight is to sometimes gain a hater or two. Being Bobby Flay means having a few more than that. Flay’s close friend, celebrity chef, Alex Guarnaschelli, even admitted she didn’t like Flay — at first.

“I used to watch Bobby Flay because he was on all the time. And I was like, ‘I don’t like that guy. That guy thinks he’s so cool with his grill and spatula,'” she told People.

The dislike didn’t last. “I couldn’t have been more wrong,” she said. “He’s one of my closest friends now. I realized it was probably just jealousy. He’s amazing!”

Friend and fellow chef, Giada De Laurentiis thought Flay was a “jerk” after they lost a 2006 Iron Chef America battle. She didn’t speak to him for six months.

Those two aren’t the only ones who didn’t (or still don’t) consider themselves Flay fans. Others Flay may have offended over the years include Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto, Anthony Bourdain (who critiqued everyone), producer of Iron Chef, and former employees who filed a lawsuit for unfair tip distribution and reimbursement (which was settled in 2010).

Who does Flay want to cook for him?

In a previous interview with Good Morning America, Flay opened up about his work ethic and the importance food plays into his daily life.

“I’ve always really stayed focused as to what I am, which is a cook. I’m a through and through, my fundamentals of what I do is I cook every day, whether it’s in my restaurants, on my television shows or in my homes, I’m always cooking, so I never get blinded by the bright lights,” he said.

“That’s just, to me, sort of a sideline. It kind of just happens on its own. The most important thing is that I make the food good, no matter where I am,” he added.

Aside from him cooking, Flay was asked which chef he’d like to have cook for him — one that has never cooked with or for him before.

“I want Gordon Ramsay to cook for me, and I want to tell him exactly how I want it cooked,” he said.

His answer is interesting considering a prior internet feud between Flay and Ramsay.

The two had a previous Twitter war that just keeps going

It seems as though Flay might’ve answered that GMA question with the assumption Ramsay would see it considering their ongoing internet beef. It may have started as far back as 2013.

In a former interview with Men’s Journal, Ramsay said it’s laughable that anyone would ever put him up against Flay.

“I can still look at a box of raw ingredients and put together the best f-ing dish you’ll ever eat,” he said. “That’s why I laugh when they say, ‘Let’s see if he’s a real chef. Let’s get him up against Bobby Flay on Iron Chef.’ I’m like, ‘F-ing do me a favor…come on. I’ve forgotten more than he’s known!'”

Flay later said at a Vegas Uncork’d wine and food festival in Las Vegas, he’d like to face-off against the Hell’s Kitchen chef, with special conditions of course.

“Only if it’s a pay-per-view event,” flay told Foodbeast. “I’ve been hoping it would happen outside of Caesar’s Palace, like the old school heavyweight fights, but that’s yet to have happened.”

As far as rules, Flay wasn’t sure saying, “I don’t know. Gordon’s going to cheat anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” The interviewer noted it seemed as though Flay was being facetious and that the two may actually be friends in real life, but their ongoing quips leave many fans confused.

The next year, Ramsay proposed the same thing.

“We’re gonna do the most amazing live cook-off against a chef I’ve grown up and admired for many years,” Ramsay said. “He keeps on refusing to go against me. You may not have heard of him, but his name is Bobby Flay.”

And, while the supposed feud seems to have died down, for the most part, Ramsay couldn’t help but comment on a 15-year celebration post for Flay’s Mesa Grill.

“That’s cute….I bet I wait 15 years for @bflay to sign the contract for the cook-off…,” Ramsay retweeted with comment.

Will Flay and Ramsay ever settle this thing or will we all have to settle for the internet shade? We’ll have to wait and see.