Bobby Flay’s Leaving Food Network — Revisit 7 of the Celebrity Chef’s Top Brunch Recipes

Bobby Flay brunch recipes have been all over TV for years. That’s, at least in part, because of the celebrity chef‘s partnership with the Food Network that’s ending after nearly 30 years. To celebrate the cookbook author’s time on the network, here’s a look back on some top brunch recipes from Flay.

1. Sweet Potato-Green Onion Pancakes with Poached Eggs, Holiday Ham and Pepper Jam

Bobby Flay smiles next to a wall that says 'Bobby's Burger Palace' and '10 years'
Bobby Flay | Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Have leftover ham from the holidays? Serve it in a new way with this dish. Featured on Brunch at Bobby’s and included in a Food Network YouTube clip, this Flay brunch recipe is a twist on potato pancakes. As the name suggests, Flay uses sweet potatoes as the base. 

From there he mixes in green onions for flavor. But it doesn’t stop there. He layers the pancakes with poached eggs and baked ham. As an added touch, Flay also slathers on some pepper jelly. 

2. Crème Brulée French Toast with Drunken Strawberries

Go in the opposite direction with this sweet Flay brunch recipe. French toast is a favorite of Flay’s and he elevates the classic dish by giving it all the flavors of crème brulée. What he’s left with is golden brown French toast that’s rich in flavor. 

To go with the decadent dish is what Flay calls drunken strawberries. All that means is that strawberries have been soaked in a combination of sugar, orange liqueur, and butter for about 30 minutes. While this is a time-consuming brunch recipe from Flay — the dish takes 2.5 hours to make — it does average five stars. 

3. Italian Home Fries is a quick Bobby Flay brunch recipe

Give home fries an Italian spin with Flay’s Italian Home Fries recipe. He combines Italian sausage, seasoning, vegetables, and, of course, potatoes to create a slightly different version of the typical brunch fare. And, unlike Flay’s Crème Brulée French Toast, this dish doesn’t take long to prepare. The Italian Home Fries are ready in 25 minutes. 

4. Bacon-Cheddar Twists with Soft-Cooked Eggs is Flay’s literal twist on a classic brunch recipe

This Flay brunch recipe is a unique take on bacon and eggs. The 56-year-old makes homemade bacon-cheddar twists and serves them with soft-boiled eggs. Sure, it’s more complicated than making traditional bacon and eggs but it’s certainly doable. Flay’s recipe takes just less than an hour (55 minutes) to make from start to finish. Plus, it’s a great way to make a standard breakfast or brunch dish a little more special. 

5. Banana Bread Waffles with Bananas Foster Sauce

Yet another five-star Flay brunch recipe, this dish has the cookbook author taking waffles to the next level. Fair warning for anyone who wants to make this at home, it’s a labor of love and probably best made over the course of a weekend. Flay makes banana bread before letting it cool completely and wrapping it up. Then he puts slices in a waffle maker. Finally, he serves them with bananas sauce and banana slices. 

6. Stuffed French Toast with Gruyere, Mustard Greens, and Double-Smoked Bacon

Flay proves French Toast doesn’t always have to be sweet. It can be savory too. He makes a sandwich of sorts, putting cheese, greens, and bacon between two pieces of French toast. Another five-star recipe, this dish takes approximately 65 minutes to prepare.

7. Italian Egg Bread Bowl 

Forget eating soup in a bread bowl. For Flay, it’s all about eating eggs in a bread bowl. Yes, really. He makes a hearty dish in 50 minutes that’s loaded with cheese, fresh herbs, sausage, vegetables, and, of course, eggs. This is one of those brunch recipes for a crowd because the Italian Egg Bread Bowl can be sliced into wedges.

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