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Bob’s Burgers has aired on Fox for 10 seasons, and it is one of the most popular animated sitcoms. Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, and Gene of the Belcher family are the heart and soul of the show. However, after 10 seasons, the show also has a number of supporting characters that fans love.

Bob's Burgers
Bob’s Burgers | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Jenny Slate voices Tammy in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

As a character, Tammy started out quite awful. She is the typical mean girl, and is often a nemesis to Tina at school. Most of her plot lines involve her trying to undercut Tina, or Tina feels insecure about something because of Tammy, which later leads Tina to become more mature while Tammy remains the same.

However, being voiced by Slate gives Tammy more humor that other voice actors could not pull off. She ends up having a lot of funny moments, and her occasional camaraderie with Tina and Louise is often the bright spot of Bob’s Burgers episodes.

Jimmy Pesto Jr. is Tina’s long-term crush

Some of the best supporting characters in Bob’s Burgers are classmates to the Belcher kids. Ever since the first season, Tina has had a crush on Jimmy Jr., the son of Bob’s nemesis, Jimmy Pesto. Tina and Jimmy Jr. have an on-again, off-again relationship, which makes sense given they are both 13 years old and haven’t figured out how to handle feelings yet.

On the show, Jimmy Jr. is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin who also voices Bob Belcher. Jimmy Jr. is obsessed with dancing and his best friend Zeke, and due to a natural speech impediment he speaks with a noticeable lisp. Whenever possible, Jimmy Jr. makes dancing his first priority, as it is his true passion.

Teddy is a regular at Bob’s Burgers

Larry Murphy voices Teddy, Bob’s best friend and a frequent customer at Bob’s Burgers. Teddy appears so often in Bob’s Burgers he could be considered a main character, mostly due to the fact he appears in nearly every episode since he eats at the Belcher’s restaurant every day. A kindhearted yet lonely handyman, Teddy is perhaps one of the most loyal friends anyone could have.

Gayle is Linda’s sister

Whenever Gayle appears on Bob’s Burgers, fans know it is going to be a good episode. Gayle is voiced by Megan Mullally and she is Linda’s naive and eccentric sister. She is extremely fragile and has a low self-esteem, which leads to Linda often babying her sister to protect her.

Because of Gayle’s personality and Linda’s protectiveness, Bob often feels a great deal of frustration towards Gayle. With her quirks and Mullally’s stellar voice acting, Gayle is one of the most memorable characters in the entire show.

Regular Sized Rudy is super underrated in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Perhaps one of the most underrated characters on the show is Regular Sized Rudy. Voiced by Brian Huskey, Regular Sized Rudy first appeared in Season 3 Episode 22 of Bob’s Burgers titled “Carpe Museum.” In the episode, Louise and Regular Sized Rudy are paired up on a school field trip, and Louise convinces Regular Sized Rudy to sneak into a closed exhibit.

Regular Sized Rudy got his nickname to differentiate him from Pocket Sized Rudy, another student at school. He is a close friend of Louise’s after the field trip to the museum, and has some of the funniest quotes on the show.