‘Bob’s Burger’s’: How Much Does Bob Make at His Restaurant?

The Belcher’s struggling finances make up a lot of story lines in Bob’s Burgers. The family owns a burger restaurant, and despite Bob Belcher’s burgers being heralded as amazing the restaurant does not make the family much money. So, how much does Bob’s Burgers make the Belcher family?

Bob's Burgers
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

How much the family’s restaurant makes

From its inception, Bob’s Burgers has been about Bob’s mission to make his restaurant a profitable one. Unfortunately, he has terrible luck and while he is a great cook, he is not a great business man. The restaurant rarely has customers aside from family friends Teddy and Mort, and Bob’s banker regularly expresses how terrible Bob is at handling money.

A fan of Bob’s Burgers calculated how much the restaurant earns every year. According to the fan, the restaurant only has around 568 customers each month. This calculation is based off of episodes from each season showing the occasional successful days when the restaurant is packed and the normal days when there are only a few customers.

Based on the price of food at Bob’s Burgers, the fan calculated that monthly revenue is $5,146. This brings the yearly revenue to $71,014 including tips.

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The restaurant’s profits on ‘Bob’s Burgers’ are even less

The fan went on to calculate just how much of that $71,014 is actually leftover after paying the cost of running a business.

“For Bob’s Burgers: 30% of total revenue for cost of goods = $21,304 8% of total revenue for restaurant rent = $5,681 So to calculate the profit we subtract the total costs (expenditures) from the total revenue. $69,710 – $26,489 = $44,029 That means Bob’s Burgers makes a profit of $44,029…,” the fan wrote.

Those costs subtracted are just those it takes to run a restaurant, and do not count how much the Belchers have to use for other bills.

“If Bob’s Burgers was a real restaurant, with a total annual revenue of $69,710, and an annual profit of $43,221 each year, it would be hard to get by in his New Jersey location,” the fan continued. “He’s looking at something like $20k year in just rent for his apartment. Even feeding a 2D family of five in New Jersey on the remaining $23,000 wouldn’t be easy.”

This is a running gag on ‘Bob’s Burgers’

At its core, Bob’s Burgers is a show about a family and the love they have for each other. Together they celebrate small wins and support each other despite the challenges they face. While Bob may want his restaurant to have the recognition it deserves, the show is not about his journey to becoming rich from the restaurant.

Because of this, a running gag in the show is that while Bob is a terrible businessman, his burgers are some of the best one could imagine. However, not everyone agrees that Bob is a phenomenal cook. H. Jon Benjamin, who plays Bob, thinks that his burgers are only “mediocre” while Loren Bouchard, the creator of the show, thinks Bob is “an artist.”